Peter Thomas in Jamaica - RHOA season 8

Peter Thomas Talks Split From Cynthia Bailey; RHOA Cast Members He Dislikes

Everyone who watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta knows that Cynthia Bailey’s (soon to be ex) husband Peter Thomas does not hold back from indulging in the drama. All of the viewers saw Cynthia and Peter’s relationship falling apart so it really wasn’t a major surprise to learn that they are divorcing.

Of course, Peter is going to appear on future episodes of RHOA – my guess is that he is dying to speak his peace (and promote his businesses). For all of us nosy people, we don’t have to wait for the show to air to get some inside scoop since Peter opened up about the demise of his marriage to Wendy Williams.


Peter is pretty polarizing to the RHOA fans, but I was living for Peter’s interview with Wendy. So much tea. So much shade. I have no idea what’s true and what isn’t, but I was entertained by the lack of shame in his game. There was nothing off limits in this interview — especially since Peter alleges that he found out about Cynthia filing for divorce from the media…. Ouch.

Peter basically said that reality TV is not a good fit for Cynthia: “Our whole marriage was on the show and it’s not easy to live that life when every time I go out, if I’m with any staff member, someone’s saying I’m doing this or do that. So she can’t deal with the ridicule of that. I don’t think she was built for that.”

He also tried to spin the bad press against him by saying that Cynthia didn’t know how to be married since she got married so late in life: “I don’t think she embraced [marriage] much for the fact that she’s been single all her adult life and been independent all her adult life. So, getting married at 42, when you now have to compromise and you have to share decisions and all of that, I do not think she really embraced it the way I did.”

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Right – and the money problems and shady ass videos of Peter touching random women had absolutely nothing to do with their marital issues.

Then Wendy instigated Peter when she put up a picture of the RHOA cast and had him pick out his least favorite cast member. Peter had no issue doing this.

Peter instantly answered, “It probably would be Porsha [Williams]. And then Phaedra [Parks]. I don’t really get along with those girls at all. Those are the kinds of girls who keep on projecting negative things about you, knowing that everyone’s going to buy into it. Somewhat like what Donald Trump does with Hillary. Negative. Negative. Negative. Negative.”

I feel like comparing the second hand drama on a reality show to Donald and Hillary going at it is a pretty lofty metaphor, but Peter obviously knows which buzz words to say and which names to drop to get more press. Obviously. As juicy as it was, this interview just wasn’t a good look for Peter – AT ALL.


Photo Credit: Bravo