Tamra Judge Reacts To That 70’s Party Craziness & The Husbands’ Involvement In The Show’s Drama

The most drama always goes down on Real Housewives of Orange County when the women are dressed up for a themed event. And obviously that makes the tense arguments weird. But honestly, the season finally got started with this week’s episode since the ones before it were super boring.

There was definitely something shady about Shannon Beador’s random friends having it out for Kelly Dodd. These two chicks were clearly thirsting for some camera time and they started a real domino effect when it came to the drama. Even Tamra Judge – of all people – was taken aback by the craziness that ensued.


The party went from zero to one hundred – real quick – but Tamra tried to explain everything that went down in her Bravo blog.

Tamra said what we were all thinking when she wrote, “When I walked in and sat down with the ladies on the couch, I had no idea what was going on. I had never met these two girls before, and I didn’t understand what their motivation was. To me it felt like they had it out for Kelly.”

Oh definitely. I really don’t think Shannon had anything to do with this, but these two ladies definitely had an agenda. They were very obviously lusting for screen time, which I think backfired since it only made them look desperate and petty. 

Surprisingly, Tamra seemed to feel bad for Kelly since she wrote, “I feel like Kelly has been very open about her separation with her husband and dating someone else. In my mind I was thinking, ‘Why is Jaci telling us this?’ and ‘Why do we care?'”

The part that I’m not sure of is, whether Tamra called Kelly over to make sure she was informed that women were gossiping about her, or if she was trying to stir the pot. We all know how much Tamra gets off on being a shit stirrer, so I wouldn’t put it past her. Tamra explained her intentions when she wrote, “When Kelly walked in, I called her over because there is nothing worse than walking in a room and knowing people are talking about you. I felt it was best if Jaci and Nina had something to say about Kelly that they say it in front of her.”

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Tamra cleared up her comment that she made during the on-camera interview about how she would feel being “set up” if she were Kelly, “Going to a party where two guests had it out for you could not be a good feeling. That’s why I said I would feel set up, too, if I were Kelly. I was not saying Shannon set her up.”

No matter how rude those random party guests were, Kelly took things to the next level when she came for Shannon and her marriage. It was uncalled for, and Tamra agreed, “Kelly telling Shannon she was ugly and she could see why her husband cheated on her was mean and low. No one deserves to be cheated on…ever! Shannon saw red and lost all control, and I’m pretty sure I would have too.”

Not only did Tamra have issue with the ladies going crazy at the party, but she also didn’t react too well to David Beador getting involved in drama with Vicki Gunvalson. Tamra wrote, “I’m not fond of seeing men argue with ladies. It’s just not right. I could see David was sticking up for Shannon when Vicki started talking about his wife in front of him, but he should have left it at that. Take notes from Eddie [Judge]: he walks away, not into drama at all.”

Tamra also tweeted about the men’s involvement in RHOC drama. Tamra was not pleased that Kelly’s husband Michael Dodd inserted himself in the argument. Tamra tweeted, “Don’t think it’s cool that Michael stepped in.” When a fan tweeted her, “What about Shannon’s husband?” Tamra made it clear that she didn’t approve of that either since she replied, “not cool.”

That episode was chock full of drama and weirdly enough none of it (directly) involved Tamra – for once.


Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo