Melissa Gorga opens Envy

In the past few seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey, I felt like Joe Gorga was a pretty lovable side character. He liked the camera way too much and got uncomfortably naked at random times, but he was still seemed like a good and humorous person.

But this season is not a good look for Joe, especially when it comes to his thoughts on Melissa Gorga opening up her clothing boutique Envy. Not only was he not down with the business idea, but he also seemed uncomfortable “watching” his own kids and sharing the home responsibilities with Melissa. I’m calling it now that Melissa will be bombarded with questions about this at the reunion, but for now it seems like Melissa is focusing on the bright side when it comes to her husband and her business.


Like I said before, I’m sure that a lot of viewers are coming for Joe since he has not been the most supportive of Melissa this season, but she doesn’t seem to view it that way. She gave her husband plenty of shout outs in her Bravo blog.

First off, I thought it was pretty off-putting that Joe referred to spending time with his kids as “watching” them when it is really just parenting them. I understand that he did not have to take on these responsibilities in the past, but his verbiage comes off so wrong.

Apparently, Melissa thought it was hilarious, “I laughed out loud seeing Joe handle the kids while I was at work. I think it’s safe to say he was being a little dramatic! Sending the kids outside when our backyard was completely under construction – dirt piles and all – wasn’t the best idea.” Sure, there were some cute moments in that whole Mr. Mom montage, but it was mostly uncomfortable to watch.

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When referring to the opening of her clothing store Melissa wrote, “I could not be more thankful and appreciative of Joe and of the girls for coming out to show their support. The opening was a huge success!

I would have to say that Joe did come through when he apologized for doubting Melissa and doubting her business aspirations – hopefully his attitude changes from this point on as well. And another sweet moment where Joe shined was when he spoke to Melissa about how her deceased father is present and proud of her. Melissa wrote, “Joe’s touching words about my father really meant a lot. I know my father is with me always and that he is proud of all I have done.”

I am really hoping that Joe has eaten his words about Melissa’s professional aspirations and has started to support and help her more. I am so over this story line already so I hope that Joe saw the light at that point and turned things around.


Photo Credit: Bravo

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