Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Andy was joined by Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Dolores Catania and Shahs of Sunsets Reza Farahan. Dolores was quizzed on how much Teresa Giudice has changed since prison and more, while Reza sniped at Golnesa again.

Andy starts off by asking Reza why the cast (aside from Asa) didn’t stick up for MJ with Vida after the engagement? “Culturally, that’s just not what you do.” Andy then asks him if it was a smart move to buy a Palm Springs investment property without seeing it? “Yeah, it was. Just because of what it’s worth now.”

Andy asks Dolores to share her thoughts on some old RHONJ drama. 

On Teresa flipping the table: “I wasn’t surprised, I knew it was coming.”

What’d she think of Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice fighting on the therapy retreat? “I knew the two therapists couldn’t handle it right off the bat. They were out of their league.”  Does she think Teresa was at all to blame for the brawl? “I don’t think that I would’ve came out and told my husband what happened because it kind of did instigate.” 

Was she in the middle of the rift between Dina Manzo and Caroline Manzo? “No, I always stay neutral, especially with family. When they get back together you’ll be on the outs.”

What did she think when Joe called Teresa “his bitch wife” on the phone at the vineyard. “I don’t know. How did Teresa feel about it is more important.”

When Jac confronted Teresa about the tabloids saying she was going to jail, did Teresa ever tell Dolores she had jail time coming up? “No, actually I saw Teresa the week before she was going in and she made lunch plans with me the day she was leaving. I don’t think she thought it was really gonna happen.”

Andy moves on to Reza. He plays a clip from tonight’s Shahs of Sunset finale and asks Reza what possessed him to write those apology notes, pretending they were from GG? “Everyone in the group deserved an apology. She’s done really disgusting, horrible things to all of us for the past five years. I thought honestly that if she heard it out loud and saw the emotion that came over everyone when they read the letters, she would break out into tears, kiss everyone, apologize.” He says he thought they’d have a Persian kumbaya moment.

Does Dolores think that Teresa has changed since coming back from prison? “I don’t think people change. I don’t feel she had to change, but I feel she’s calmed down, her temper’s under control and I think it takes a lot more to make her mad.”

On the rumors that Reza filed bankruptcy, Reza says that someone else named Reza filed in Orange County and Funky Dineva didn’t realize it wasn’t him.

A caller asks Reza why he’s obsessed with GG’s health and life. “I have apologized to her, but GG is a very sick individual and R.A. is the least of her worries. I wish her and her family the best, but she really should work on her mental health as much as she gets chemotherapy.”

Is it hard for Dolores to be friends with both Teresa and Jacqueline while they’re feuding? “It’s hard to watch, but it’s not hard to be both of their friend.”

A viewer asks Reza why he’s always getting into other people’s business? Does he think there are times he goes overboard? “Sure, I love hard, I care hard and it’s one of my attributes and also one of my downfalls.”

Dolores shares that she was a Sheriff’s officer for about six years, working in the jail and transporting prisoners.

Did Adam approve (or know) about Reza writing the fake GG letters? “Adam is so amazing, he’s super thoughtful and he’s really kind and I did not share with him what was going down just because I didn’t want anyone to know what was up. I wanted it to be something that was never talked about.”

Reza says he didn’t notice that MJ is wearing her engagement ring on the wrong finger when fans point it out.

What does Dolores think about the way that Joe Gorga treats Melissa? “He’s old school. He wants her home and that was the deal when they got married. It’s not for everybody.”

Poll Question: Whose side are you on? GG or Reza? GG won with 63% of the votes.  Reza says it was probably only four people that voted: GG, GG’s cousin, GG’s mom and some other random person.


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