Bethenny Frankel & Dennis Shields

Bethenny Frankel Flaunts Mysterious Ring While Cuddling Dennis Shields

Bethenny Frankel & Dennis Shields

Not two seconds after finalizing her divorce from Jason Hoppy, and long before love interest Dennis Shields is legally divorced, Bethenny Frankel, the queen of PR stunts and over-sharing, turned up on Snapchat flaunting a mysterious diamond on that crucial finger. Is Bethenny engaged? Even after claiming she would probably not remarry after all she went through with her recent divorce?

Naturally, the pic got tongues wagging that Bethenny and Dennis, had gotten secretly engaged – even though they reportedly have only been dating like 2 months (they’ve been spotted apartment hunting already). So did B have a Luann de Lesseps‘ style insta-engagement?!


Bethenny Frankel mystery ring - Dennis

I’m rolling my eyes, cause I know how Bethenny rolls. She’s likely seeking some Donald Trump-style distraction PR in anticipation of tonight’s monolithic episode of Real Housewives Of New York, which is rumored to show Bethenny in a not-so flattering light. Additionally Bethenny herself admitted the reunion showed her very, very bad side – the side that included physically threatening her co-stars among other NON-girl power insults – so I’m supposing she’s trying to court some positive press. 

However, after getting doused in speculation and excited chatter, Bethenny’s friend denied an engagement. Bethenny just so happens to like suggestive diamonds and suggestive social media! “Bethenny is happy and enjoying her summer,” the friend told People.

Bethenny has since deleted the photo from instagram, likely because her relationship with Dennis is plagued by scandal. Dennis is legally separated from Bethenny’s high school bestie Jill Shields, whom Bethenny claimed she hasn’t kept in touch with. There’s some speculation about when Bethenny and Dennis started seeing each other – Bethenny insists they reconnected last year, and then months later, once Dennis was already legally separated, they began dating. Jill has remained mum, but rumor has it that a certain castmate whom Bethenny (and Carole) detest on RHONY knows Jill well, and could blow the lid off the situation but presently is remaining silent out of respect for Jill. Time shall tell… 

Following her extremely contentious divorce, Bethenny’s attorney did say she’s “looking forward to moving on with her life…” How are we to know that doesn’t include a new fiancé? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, TRY again, right? If Bethenny and Dennis tied the knot this would be her third marriage.


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