Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley Dishes On Luann de Lesseps, The Earth-Shattering Texts, The Reunion, And If She Stirs The Pot!

Dorinda Medley recently did a Facebook Live chat about this season of Real Housewives Of New York. She showed up in a pair of $14.99 over-the-counter spectacles to dish on all the drama – including the reunion and Luann de Lesseps‘ relationship with Tom D’Agostino. Dorinda promises the next few episodes, featuring the salacious texts Bethenny Frankel possesses will be a major game-changer which will divide, not only the cast, but the viewers. Yowzers!  

Dorinda begins by admitting she doesn’t mind being the pot stirrer, because she’s pot-stirring with purpose by playing the role of “investigative reporter” (Take that Carole Radziwill!) to get to the bottom of all the “conflicting stories.”

“I may be a bit of a pot stirrer, but I’m just trying to do the right thing by all the women,” Dorinda explains. “I guess, I’m sort of the go-between… Each action I’ve done, I’ve done with a pure heart and good intention.” 


“I like to be involved. I like to be in the mix. I like to try and problem solve,” Dorinda continues. “And sometimes you’re good at it and sometimes you’re not so good at it.” 

“I have to get all the details and run them by all the others so we get sort of a consistent message. I think it’s ‘Gotcha! Journalism’ – that’s what I call it,” Dorinda joked. 

So how did Dorinda find herself in this position? Well currently she’s the only cast member who gets along with everyone! 

“I have a very unique relationship with each one of the girls. And I’m actually better with them one-on-one, than I am sometimes in these groups. I respect each of them for different reasons. We’re all very different girls. We’re real characters, each of us.” 

Dorinda and Ramona are “better than ever” and spent last weekend in the Berkshires together. “Ramona’s one of these people when push comes to shove, she’s there.” 

Presently Dorinda is investigating the crazy over-crowded wheel that is Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Luann, and Tom. Dorinda believes the reluctance to be happy over Lu’s engagement stems from the various women being confused and feeling awkward. She blames Tom for all the messiness. Obviously. 

“I don’t think it’s jealousy. I believe it was probably more up to Tom to be much clearer from the get-go… and said, ‘Hey listen, Luann, I wanna be honest with you: We’re starting to date and I’m not comfortable, but I did have some dates with Ramona and I did have some little things with Sonja, and I just wanna put it out there. How do you want to handle that?’ Then people can make their decisions. It’s hard after the fact to find out stuff.”

“They’re very modern-day,” she acknowledges. “My whole theory is once you’ve seen someone’s vagina, or other parts, no more friends anymore – you’ve crossed over a line I think it’s very commendable that these women can be not only in the same room, but in a boat, which is quite small, and celebrate the upcoming nuptials of their ex-lover/ friend/date’s girlfriend…. ” 

Dorinda is adamant that Luann and Tom’s relationship and happiness are very real. “Lu really loves TomThey’re very similar, Tom and Luann, they’re very sporty, they like to be out every night, they’re go-getters. She’s a bit of an alpha; he’s a bit metro-sexual. They can go shopping, go heli-skiing, and then go to a cocktail party! They both wear many hats together. They’re like best friends! And lovers… supposedly they’re like great lovers… [Laughs].” 

“Lu really likes to be married,” Dorinda adds. “She likes roles: The Countess, The Mother, The Wife, The Party Girl… She really loves this idea of being a wife again and she likes the lifestyle.”

Dorinda specifies that although she’s known Tom a long time, they weren’t close. “It’s not like I was hanging out with Tom,” she clarifies and had no idea about his prior connection to Sonja when she introduced him to Luann. “Do you think I’d introduce them if I knew all that was going on?!” 

Dorinda does agree that Luann dismissing everything as “Before Lu” insulting to Sonja, along with the ladies diminishing it as just screwing. “There is no ‘Before Lu’ – it doesn’t work that way in life. It kinda insinuates that nothing matters … I don’t think these people should be labeling. Period. ‘BL this…’ You’re present now. Get it all out on the table.” 

Sooooo, about those texts. “I was not aware of it for quite awhile,” Dorinda assures. “And then I kinda found out about it at a very awkward time, which I can’t really go into, but I was devastated for Luann. I’m devastated for them both – not even just Luann. I wanna believe that things are good. Why not believe in the fairy tale? I wanna always lean towards the positive and hope that you can find love at 50; you can start over again. They say you go through life with a challis or a sword. Why not drink from a challis?” wonders Dorinda.

Of the super-ultra-mega situation unfolding, Dorinda warns, “This will divide people.” 

“Each of us have, sort of a very strong opinion about it. It divides camps. It makes you think why this happened. How could this possibly have come about? You are conflicted on many different sides: The Luann and Tom side; the Bethenny side… It’s jarring.” 

When asked if Bethenny had a hard time telling Luann about the texts, Dorinda wavered like she didn’t want to admit no. “I think that’s one of the questions,” she answered diplomatically.

“I think whenever you get information that’s fragile, you have to figure out how to handle it and how to deliver it. So yeah, I know she struggled with it,” Dorinda considered. “There’s information and then there’s the way you deliver information. And that’s all I’m gonna say.” 

So, information, like perhaps that your husband is seeing your high school best friend, whom you’re not really separated from yet. Or information like the rumor that your contentious castmate on a reality show knowwwwws this wife, and knows your timeline of events doesn’t add up. I digress…  

Dorinda reveals the reunion was awful and definitely affects friendships. “I went in as a human and came out as an animal,” she jokes. “It was a tough reunion because of the season finale. Emotions ran very high and it involves, you know, real life. It wasn’t just TV. It’s one thing to get mad at so-and-so for something that happened on TV, but this went to a bigger picture, and involved a lot of different people.” 

Bethenny has been doing some advance back-pedaling on her radio show which leads me to believe her behavior was completely reprehensible and vile. She also blames her awfulness at the reunion on ‘strep throat and a fever’. It’s never Bethenny’s fault – she’s just honest….blah, blah. It’s always everyone else’s fault that they can’t take her honesty… blah, blah. #BethennyGivesTOOMANYF–ks

So where do the ladies stand now? “We all have to kind of take a month or two to just decompress and just get back into our personal lives. The show takes a lot out of you. It’s very emotional. It’s very physically draining and it becomes your whole entire existence – you’re constantly thinking about it. You need to take a month and just reconnect with your life.” After that Dorinda says all the ladies “start to reconnect.” 

Some random tidbits:

Dorinda dished on Jules Wainstein‘s divorce. “I hate to hear that people think the show had anything to do with it, or she knew about it, because, I promise you, she really didn’t. I truly believe she thought she was gonna be with this guy, and they were gonna raise their kids together, and get through it. She’s a ‘Get through it’ girl. I’ll be honest with you, I even think she could have forgiven him and gotten back together with him.” 


We may never seen John on RHONY again! “I think John’s best kept off camera,” Dorinda smirked. 

Dorinda dubs Sober Sonja “boring,” and laughs hysterically. “I know it’s very good for her, but it’s boring!” Dorinda blames all the labeling from the women, plus social media for Sonja feeling judged. 

She insists the women aren’t ‘acting’ for the show. “I think we’re pretty true to ourselves. On a whole.” Dorinda shares that when Ramona stayed with her recently, she texted to have chamomile tea delivered to her room like it was a hotel. “I wrote back, “We don’t take Discover cards!’ She’s wacky like that!” 

Dorinda’s mother is also tired of hearing about vaginas and fibroids on RHONY. “My mother’s disgusted with me. We don’t have vaginas in my household; we’re Barbies – we just go plastic,” she teased.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]