I’ve been wondering why it took Dolores Catania so long to become an official cast member on Real Housewives of New Jersey since she’s been friends with the original crew for decades. Now I realized it was probably because she’s just too kind and normal. Nevertheless, Dolores has made it her mission to be the peace maker in the group along with the other new girl Siggy Flicker. With that said, Dolores and Siggy seem pretty determined to make sure that Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita resolve their differences.

Just based on the trailer for Season 7 and all of the trash talking in the press and on social media, it is pretty clear that Tre and Jac are far from being best friends. They’ve emphasized a million times that there will always be a love there thanks to their long history, but it doesn’t seem realistic that these two will come back together, no matter how hard Dolores and Siggy try.


As expected, Dolores is not the kind of person who would trash talk in her blog. Instead, she just talked about her family and how she wanted to get the Real Housewives of New Jersey clique back together and getting along.

Sadly, there really weren’t any juicy tidbits in this blog which is not surprising because like I said before, Dolores is just a genuinely nice person. Nevertheless, I do hope that we actually get to know her more and hear more of her opinions as the season goes on and in her blog entries.

Dolores did give a little bit of insight into how she felt about the episode, “I left Crystal Springs after two fun-filled nights feeling great about my friendships, the relationships of those around me and about myself.”

Good for Dolores. It was a bit of a snooze fest for the viewers, but as a fan who is super invested in the cast, I am happy that Dolores (a friend in my head) felt good about the weekend away.


Dolores added, “What a relief to FINALLY see Teresa and Jacqueline getting along! I’ve been watching this friendship deteriorate for several years now, and it’s been so sad for me to see it happen.”

I have no idea how Dolores has been able to maintain close friendships with both Teresa and Jacqueline. She has probably been in the most tense and awkward situations over the years. Bless her.

I totally get why Dolores would be super invested in finding harmony, but I’m confused about Siggy being all about this. I’m sure she’s a nice person and her job title is “relationship expert,” but I am waiting for Teresa or Jacqueline to snap at her for being so involved. With that said, Dolores also wrote, “Siggy and I really made it our mission during this getaway to do whatever we could to bring the girls back together, and it paid off. I loved watching them laugh together and understand where each other have been coming from. We women need to stick together!”

Good for them. It wasn’t the most exciting episode, but it definitely had its moments and these New Jersey ladies go through so much, so it is nice to see them doing well. Still, I’m hoping for more excitement for the rest of the season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]