Tamra Judge

The FBI Investigating Tamra Judge Over A Topless Photo Of Vicki Gunvalson?! Complaint Filed

Vicki Gunvalson is no stranger to topless photos accidentally getting out, but this time Tamra Judge (who never talks about people, ever) and the FBI are involved!

The photo in question happened when Vicki flashed her boobs to FaceTime Terry Dubrow during the Real Housewives Of Orange County trip to Ireland and Tamra reportedly snapped an uncensored shot of Vicki’s boobs.

Production sources attest that Tamra did share the photo with cast and crew, also making a slew of rude comments about Vicki. That in itself is mean, but where it potentially gets illegal is in the hands of a minor! Tamra is also accused of sharing the nude photo with guests at a party and allegedly asking a 15-year-old girl to post it on social media.


A woman named Rosalie Coleman, a CA resident, filed a complaint with the FBI claiming Tamra “sent a nude photograph of an acquaintance of hers (taken at a small gathering) to a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD girl & asked her to distribute it online in an effort to humiliate & harass one Vicki Gunvalson.”

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A copy of Rosalie’s complaint, available at TMZ, specifies that she also contacted the local sheriff’s office and CPS about the incident, but received no response which is when she escalated to the FBI. She also has proof the photo was in a teen’s possession and has a copy of the uncensored shot before it was removed form social media.

Tamra says she had nothing to do with leaking the photo, and certainly didn’t allow it to fall into the hands of a minor. She’s been shockingly silent on twitter in light of the expose.

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An FBI source says they’re currently evaluating the incident, but have yet to open a formal investigation. So, wow, the FBI, huh. My, my… what are Housewives coming to?! From now on, let’s keep your clothes on, and your iPhoto and Twitter to yourselves, ladies!

Vicki has not commented. She was too busy winning a reality TV award.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]