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The feud between Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd has gone very real and very rogue and very off Real Housewives Of Orange County.

Being that it’s Tamra and Kelly, they can’t control their itchy social media fingers anymore than they can control their mouths. Kelly was the WWHL guest after the finale. Several callers lied to get through moderators, then live and on-air accused Kelly of having an affair with “Frank.” Andy was not happy. Following the show, Kelly posted incriminating screenshots showing Tamra communicating with the callers and supporting their efforts.

You can view our recap with original screenshots here.

Tamra, is of course in spin mode, back-pedaling and blaming a rogue Facebook group and insisting she was just as much an innocent victim of their actions. Because she’s a good Christian, it’s never her fault!


Here’s the backstory – so far: A FB group began hassling Kelly based on some text messages they somehow received (or intercepted) which feature Kelly allegedly admitting to Michael that she’s having an affair with this Frank.

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The texts reportedly came from a woman Michael used to work with. Kelly admits she sent those texts, but insists they’re two years old and she was only making a Kelly-esque outlandish statement (Well, that I can believe) to piss off Michael out of jealousy because she believed he was flirting with the co-worker.

Kelly is now taking action against the “hater trolls.”  WHO in their right mind devotes their personal life to stalking and harassing a reality television person they do not know?!

“Got my phone hacked with the fraud Dept. Going to get a private investigator and I’m going to sue & press charges!! Good luck Thunderdome,” Kelly tweeted.

Kelly explained that the leaked texts came from when she and Michael were still separated, but in the process of getting back together.

“2 yeas ago when I was getting bk/w Michael I saw text messages … I got jealous and said I was banging Frank 2 make him jelly.” Kelly described Frank as a family friend, who Michael is also close with. Kelly even tried to set Frank up with Vicki before she started dating Steve Lodge! “Frank was [Vicki’s] date to one of Meghan’s events,” wrote Kelly.

Kelly Dodd responds to WWHL drama

So that brings us to Tamra’s involvement. It all started with some direct messages sent from the “private Housewives underground page” to Tamra, Shannon Beador and others. “Shannon got hers first,” Tamra explains, smirking through a Facebook Live chat. “They were private messages between Kelly, her husband, and another girl named Katie.”

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“I know all about Frank,” Tamra continued, “I even talked to Kelly about Frank…”

Kelly’s phone number was on the text messages,” Tamra adds for veracity. “It’s not cool that she’s trying to blame me and Shannon. What I’m guilty of is that I responded back to one of them.”

Eddie is mad that Tamra engaged. “He said, ‘That’s gonna hurt your credibility…'” she shrugged, “But listen – don’t shoot the messenger!”

It doesn’t seem like Tamra was conspiring with the Facebook trolls, per se, but she was colluding to collect information and encouraging them to embarrass and taunt Kelly.

Tamra posted her conversation with the troll(s). She believes that person, or someone else, then screenshotted them and forwarded them to Kelly. (Cause KARMA!).

“Complete Bullshit,” whines Tamra. “I’m trying to keep quiet and not drop to her level. But enough is enough. I refuse to get blamed for her bad behavior, This is all very disgusting. As she continues to trash me on twitter I thought I would speak up and let you know what REALLY happened. #KEEPINGITREAL I really feel like I am lowering myself by posting this but I’m sick of being trashed by this girl.” Wait – what bad behavior did Kelly illustrate?

“I HONESTLY FEEL SORRY FOR HER!” Tamra continued, “but I will not be bashed on social media because people are contacting the cast about her bad choice”

Tamra continued trying to exonerate herself in a second post, where she apologizes for responding to the DMs.  “There’s more to it,” she added in the comments. Arguing that she only engaged  “in response” to Kelly’s actions, “Please this girl ripped us all up, you didn’t see the half of it. they had to soften her so the audience didn’t hate her guts even more.” 

I really can’t even with Tamra anymore. I believe they call this ‘Lady Doth Protest Too Much’ syndrome, so good luck washing the ‘out damn spot’ off, Lady McHousewife.

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Tamra just got done screaming in Vicki’s face to “STOP F–KING talking about people” in a rage that Vicki spread so-called lies to Kelly. So what exactly is Tamra doing?

I also find it hilariously suspicious that Shannon accused Kelly of having an affair earlier this season, and now, hmmm… just happens to be involved in ‘proof’ (I use that word loosely) surfacing of Kelly cheating. And who was the original source sending out the messages, I wonder?

Here are the rest of Tamra’s self-recriminations.

Seriously – Tamra’s pasture needs to ask for a refund on that baptism. Her dipping didn’t wash away the horns and pitchfork. Or maybe Heather needs to diagnose Tamra with a “psychotic break” or something? Next time lets dunk Tamra in a vat of Prozac to see if that improves things.

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Also, Andy Cohen is adamant he had no knowledge about what was planned for WWHL.  “If I knew there was something to ask I would’ve. I ask every other rude question,” he tweeted.  Kelly added that no one should blame Andy for “Tamra’s wrongdoing.” Of course, Tamra blamed WWHL because they need to “screen the callers better.” Except she was encouraging said callers to try and get through and offering to help.


Editor’s note: Let’s hope these rogue callers don’t ruin it for everyone else and Andy starts not allowing live caller questions…

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