Tamra and Vicki At War!

When Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson are on the outs they’re really, really on the outs. With so many years of history behind them, these broads really know how to sling that mud! Vicki is actually so furious over Tamra badmouthing her, she hopes Bravo will take legal action. OK, uhhh… wait – what? Like you lied about cancer on TV, and like huh? I mean … anyway, I’ll just let you lovely people read-on! 

Tamra has decided she’s had enough of Vicki for the rest of the season her life, and has been accusing her of betrayal – again. Tamra also wants Vicki fired from Real Housewives Of Orange County (which is a losing battle for sure). Since it’s a very thin line between love and hate (especially if you’re a Housewife!), Vicki and Tamra have been warring back and forth on twitter, and in the press, about who is worse. Hmmmm… despite the whole Brooks Ayers debacle I still say it’s a toss-up! 


First, Tamra predicts Vicki and Brooks will get back together, because Vicki doesn’t like nice guys. Vicki, obviously took offense, and reminded Tamra of the wonders of Donn. The wonderful man Vicki left FOR BROOKS



“She seems to think it’s her business,” Vicki seethed. “Wish she would worry about herself & her family.” Indeed, Tamra has a lot to be concerned about there… 

Tamra responded by posting a screenshot from Vicki’s private Facebook account, referencing a comment to Kelly Dodd about betrayal. But seriously, leaking a Housewives personal account – not like their public one – isn’t that like putting their phone number out there, or exposing what they look like without botox? 


Tamra sniped that Vicki “acts like if she doesn’t address it it never happened.” And scoffed at how Vicki’s implication in Brooks scam affected her business. “Not smart at all,” Tamra wrote, “especially when you sell health insurance.” True! True!

Tamra concluded by tweeting that she will “NEVER EVER” be friends with Vicki again, “I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT! WISH HER WELL AND ITS TIME TO MOVE ON.”

I gave her one more chance. She can’t help herself. Stay tuned. I’m done,” warned Tamra. Things are so bad that even if Vicki admitted to her involvement (or knowledge) in Brooks‘ scheme, for Tamra, that wouldn’t change things, “It’s beyond that,” she insisted. Oh, and she also blocked Vicki on twitter. 

Obviously Vicki is fighting back, and then Tamra responded again, because these two haven’t remained on Real Housewives Of Orange County all these seasons for nothing – drama is running through their blood, diffused only with wine! 

“I have done nothing to her to cause this chaos with her,” Vicki declared. “It’s classless and makes her look like she is reaching for something to talk about which is always me! Maybe she wants deflection on her own issues.”

“I am disgusted by Tamra’s immature antics,” Vicki’s complaints continued. “I’m trying to ignore her, but it’s draining. She wants to be portrayed I guess as the ‘mean girl,’ and I hope Bravo and the media wise up to her and stops her in her tracks immediately.”

Tamra’s actions have Vicki “On The Cross With Brooks” Gunvalson questioning the authenticity of Tamra’s faith. “There is no excuse as a supposed ‘Christian woman’ to act this way,” she snapped. Hey – maybe SayTon confused Tamra!? 

Tamra recently said her friendships with Vicki has always been ‘all for show’ and that Vicki has no loyalty to any of the women. Vicki pointed to Tamra’s own track record, telling Radar Online, “It’s always been bad, she is mean to everyone in her life.”

Tamra then retaliated via Facebook, warning Vicki that this is one battle she won’t win. 


Hmmm… alrighty, time for my thoughts! WOO HOO 1) Tamra and Vicki both need to both. Tamra’s role on the show has always been find someone to start a fight with, then deny culpability. This season that person is finally Vicki – and she’s been salivating, chomping at the bit, and finally she can go for it because Vicki is in such a vulnerable position popularity-wise that she can easily get away with it. No one wants to see the fan favorite gone after (See: Vanderpump, Lisa.), but no one cares when it seems deserved (See: Glanville, Brandi). 

2) It’s obvious the cast – save for Kelly – wants Vicki gone. They tried refusing to film her after last season, but it didn’t work so they concocted a new sabotage agenda. Kelly was obiously supposed to be the rookie, desperate to make her mark and willing to take on Vicki, but Kelly double-crossed everyone by teaming up with Vicki. Oops. I may be overthinking, since my jobzzzzzz is to overthink and micro-anaylze the obscure social structures of Real Housewives, but I believe each woman assumed a ‘position’ in an attempt to run Vicki off the show – essentially hoping she’d become so ostracized and overwhelmed she’d quit. 

Shannon to ice Vicki out, Meghan to continue openly question her, and Tamra to pretend to forgive Vicki, hoping she’d implicate herself, then Tamra could use it against her as a reason for them to continue disliking her. Vicki apparently didn’t do that, so Tamra’s new tactic was to accuse Vicki of betrayal. 

Finally, Heather – Heather tightly controls her image and won’t get her hands dirty. I truly think she actually doesn’t care one way or another if Vicki remains. Vicki is no skin off Heather’s leechy tummy. 

Heather learned after season 9 to keep her personal life to herself, refrain from going too deep on any stance. Her purpose  is to be the omnipotent narrator, who posits suggestive questions. Any issues are dealt with crisply and directly (like confronting Vicki about the Terry IV lie). Heather is there to promote her businesses which doesn’t coincide with rolling in the muck and tarnishing her image (See: Vanderpump, Lisa). Although I could see Heather having a curiosity about how far the ladies will push Vicki, or what Vicki would admit if Heather extended an olive branch. Basically Heather will always do producers bidding to a point, but seems very upfront about her boundaries which she maintains exceptionally.

Finally, either Kelly is an evil genius, the producers really used, or she’s just in it for Kelly with Vicki being the fastest point from A to B. Kelly is also smart to lead with her own personal drama – exposing her dysfunctional marriage because this gives her something interesting, and it also blocks the women from being able to ‘expose’ her skeletons (ala Shannon her first season). Kelly now controls her own narrative – which also gives her a storyline. Was Kelly coached? 

NO. WAY. Bravo will fire Vicki. Quite simply, RHOC revolves around Vicki, whether we like her or not. 

Vicki is pretty much the only one bringing drama! She’s the only one putting her raw emotions and actual crazy life out there! Awful as it is, she is better than fiction – which is what the other women are giving us. They’re either lying to themselves and presenting a front ( Shannon or Meghan), deflecting (Tamra), or using the show as a means to an end (Heather). What I don’t believe most of these girls have considered is that they are essentially only unified and protected by their dislike of Vicki, so without Vicki they would splinter, fraction and turn on themselves, and none of them want their ‘truths’ exposed, so they glom awkwardly together, presenting a cause celeb.

Furthermore, Bravo knows that every franchise needs an anchor, and that anchor is often willing (or naturally is) the villain. On RHOC Vicki occupies that role seamlessly. 


[Photo Credits: Twitter & Bravo]