Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Her Decision To Divorce Peter Thomas

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to be a tough one for Cynthia Bailey. We saw Cynthia meeting with a divorce lawyer during the very first episode of the season, and now that it is all filmed, she is going to have to live through this divorce process all over again when the episodes air.

Yes, there has been trouble brewing for a long time with Cynthia and Peter Thomas, but it still is a big difference between having issues in a marriage and going through the steps to make a divorce happen. I can’t help wondering how Cynthia is feeling these days.


In an interview with BravoTV, Cynthia opened up about finally deciding to move forward with a divorce. After a lot of public speculation about the troubles in their marriage, Cynthia revealed, “I ultimately decided that it was time to end my marriage with Peter when I felt like I had reached my own personal breaking point.”

Peter has been involved with so many scandalous things that I cannot help being curious enough to wonder what the final straw was that broke the camel’s back.

Cynthia added, “I believed that I had given as much as I could – spiritually and emotionally I had nothing else to give. I realized that going forward I could be a better friend to Peter than a wife.”

I wonder if these two really will be “friends,” since they don’t have any kids together, it seems like they could just have a pretty clean break. It’s obvious that Peter loves appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta so if they really do end up being “friends,” I’m sure that this will be featured on the show as well.

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I felt so awkward and (embarrassingly) emotional when Cynthia met with her lawyer during the latest episode. It felt very real and not like the very obvious stunts that I’ve seen on these shows over the years.

Cynthia explained how she felt meeting with her lawyer to make the divorce official. The model admitted, “It was very difficult. Thinking about divorce is one thing, but actually retaining a lawyer to move forward with your decision makes it more official.” Fair enough. That seems like a very natural way to feel about the situation.

Cynthia also admitted, “On my drive to my lawyer’s office I kept asking myself over and over in my head, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do, Cynthia?'”

It sounds like it’s going to be a very emotional season for Cynthia. I’m sure a lot of viewers will be able to relate to these struggles. I am definitely interested to see how this all plays out.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]