Cynthia Bailey Excited About Lake House; Happy To Help 'Momager' Sheree Whitfield

Cynthia Bailey On Dealing With Divorce; Says Peter Thomas Almost Quit RHOA!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta is all about divorces this week! Cynthia Bailey filed from divorce from Peter Thomas earlier this year and has no regrets about leaving that marriage in the dust.

Despite Peter not wanting the divorce, Cynthia says things are moving along without issue. “It’s going to be a pretty simple divorce. We’re doing a settlement agreement,” she explained. “We don’t have children together. We’re not fighting over custody.” Or money apparently? Peter currently lives in Charlotte to focus on his burgeoning bar empire there, and Cynthia is still in Atlanta. They’re selling the home they lived in as a couple.

“I will always love Peter,” Cynthia admits, “I’m dealing with this divorce as best as I can.”


“I have no interest in dragging Peter through the mud or being disrespectful in regards to our marriage,” she continues. “A lot of great things came from our marriage.” Yes – foreclosure, cheating accusations, bankruptcies, reality TV fights, friendship with felons… good things, indeed!

“Not many reality TV marriages peacefully move on,” Cynthia adds. Although Peter almost didn’t return to the show this season. Yeah right!

Season 9 started filming right after they officially separated. “He was very emotional, very upset about it all… He had to go through his process to feel the way he wanted to feel,” shares Cynthia. “As we were able to kind of communicate and talk, I think he felt more comfortable coming on. He does come on the show.”

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NeNe Leakes tried to get them back together because her separation from Gregg worked wonders, but Cynthia laughs off reconciling with Peter.

Despite their many issues as a couple, Cynthia maintains that Peter was always her “biggest cheerleader,” encouraging her to follow her heart and intuition. Unfortunately too much business ultimately broke them apart. Does Cynthia mean Peter’s constant mismanagement of running businesses?

“Our plan was once we reached a certain point, we’d have time for each other. Unfortunately, all that time apart really just put a strain on our relationship and other issues came up,” Cynthia tells Atlanta Constitution Journal. “We had a plan. We just didn’t make it to the finish line.”

“I want to be happy. I want to have fun,” says Cynthia of the future. “That’s what I choose to focus on. You’ll get to see how that plays out.”

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On other subjects Cynthia is “excited” that Sheree Whitfield is back, and thinks Kim Fields made the right decision in leaving. “I don’t know if the show was a great fit for her. I thought she did well when she was here.”

Cynthia and Phaedra are “back and cool again.” She’s also having no issues with Porsha. “I don’t see Porsha outside of the group. As for working relationships, we’re good.”

This season Cynthia becomes “closer” to Kandi, but hints at some issues with resident shit-stirrer Kenya Moore.

I end up spending quite a bit of time with Kandi. I’m glad about that. She’s good people,” says Cynthia. “Kenya is like my little problem sister sometimes. I always have this love for Kenya but she is going to act out. It’s just going to happen!”

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