Shay and Scheana Intervention

I could not help wondering where Scheana Marie Shay’s husband Mike Shay has been during first few episodes of the current Vanderpump Rules season (other than a 10 second blip at the apartment warming party). Their marriage issues and Mike’s struggle with sobriety took center stage last year, so the absence of their relationship from this season (so far) was very conspicuous. Well maybe that was some foreshadowing because Scheana just filed for divorce from Shay.

Damn. I feel naive saying this, but I was actually pretty surprised by this news. Maybe I’m the only one, but you know what they say, “hindsight is 20/20” and it’s very easy to look for “evidence” pointing to a split when it’s after the fact. But then again, Shay did supposedly go missing and take Scheana’s money recently- which Shay later denied in an emphatic Instagram post. So who knows what to believe, but the soon-to-be exes did confirm the divorce news.


Scheana and Shay announced their split in a joint statement issued to Us Weekly. So yes, it is true.

The statement read, “While we have made the difficult decision to move forward separately, our story will continue on through the love and mutual respect that we have cultivated throughout our 15-year friendship.” The timeline of their relationship has always been unclear to me given the fact that Scheana was introduced as a cast member because she had an affair with Brandi Glanville’s ex husband Eddie Cibrian while Brandi was pregnant and then boom she was engaged. Or at least that’s how it seemed to me.

The statement vaguely touched upon the recent gossip about the couple: “Much of the recent speculation and reporting on our relationship has been misguided, and we have come to an amicable decision on all matters.” This makes me wonder what was true and what wasn’t. I’m sorry for throwing out all the cliches today, but you know what they say “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” or something like that. So maybe Shay did not steal all of Scheana’s money and go missing, but maybe he stole some cash out of her purse and stopped returning her calls? I have no idea, but thankfully, Scheana gets paid to share her personal life on TV, so maybe her fans will get some answers.

The announcement concluded with, “We might have failed at our marriage, but we are committed to succeeding as friends and will continue to support each other’s personal happiness and professional success.” I wonder what that really means though. Do they mean “friends” in the literal sense, or just that they want to try and have a civil divorce? I ask this because these Vanderpump Rules cast members don’t seem to have any conventional boundaries when it comes to friendship, enemies, and exes. Pretty much anything goes and alliances are always changing. For all we know, Shay is going to get a job at SUR and work the same shifts as Scheana next season.

In all seriousness though, this is pretty sad news since they were only married for two years. Hopefully their both doing okay and on a trivial side note, I think that Scheana should keep her married last name. Scheana Shay is just such a dope name. Or maybe she’ll go back to Scheana Marie Jancan?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]