Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore

Unfortunately, many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans weren’t stunned when Cynthia Bailey filed for divorce from husband Peter Thomas. The writing had been on the wall for a long time. Nevertheless, it did seem like the couple was trying their best to work through their differences. Cynthia’s costar Kenya Moore opened up about the divorce and why she wasn’t as shocked as other people might have been.

I mean, they are good friends, so it make sense that Kenya would have more personal insight than the rest of us, but are they best friends? We all remember that debacle last year when Cynthia pulled a two-faced move when NeNe Leakes returned and said she and Kenya weren’t “best friends.” So, where do Kenya and Cynthia stand today? Did they get past all of that nonsense with the friendship titles from last year?


Kenya shared her insights on all things Cynthia in a revealing interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. Was Kenya shocked by Cynthia filing for divorce? No. not at all. Kenya said, “I don’t think Cynthia announcing that she was divorcing was surprising to me because I just knew a lot of how her marriage was going.”

Kenya emphasized their strong friendship by saying, “Of course we talk on and off-camera. We’re really friends. We hang out together, whether there’s a camera around or not.” I cannot be the only one flashing back to when Cynthia decided to distance herself from Kenya as soon as NeNe reappeared last year, so I hope that Cynthia is appreciating Kenya’s friendship. especially since she’s clearly there for her during a tough time.

Nevertheless, I can never forget Cynthia being shady as hell last year and Kenya didn’t either, “I think the whole BFF-gate wasn’t blown out of proportion because people want to know, where do your loyalties lie?” Exactly! NeNe read Cynthia to filth in the press whenever she had the chance and then she shows up to steal Kenya’s spot as Cynthia’s loyal friend. Such bullshit.

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“If you have been with this woman for years and you guys have been closer than ever, and then all of a sudden NeNe comes in town and you’re saying we’re still getting to know each other, it hit home with a lot of people because they were just kind of appalled that she would even say that, let alone think it.”

Kenya declared, “I think that Cynthia is and will be one of my best friends.” We all know that Kenya thinks that since we watched this whole misunderstanding go down last year during one of the episodes in Jamaica, but how would Cynthia categorize their relationship? Unfortunately, there’s no official word on that, but in regard to last year’s incident, Kenya said, “I think that we just don’t get caught up on the words anymore. I know she loves me like a sister, I love her like a sister, and I think as long as we support each other, the words are not important.”

To be honest, Kenya really does seem like she would be a good friend. She would be the absolute worst enemy to have, but having Kenya in your corner has to feel pretty good to Cynthia.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]