NeNe Leakes Slams Cynthia Bailey For Being A No Storyline-Having Gossip; Is Disgusted By Fake Tears And Hypocrites!


I will be the first to admit it – I never tire of the delusional ego of NeNe Leakes. I’m not sure why, but she amuses me to no end with her holier than thou attitude and ability to throw stones while living in a glass! Reflecting on this week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, NeNe calls out Cynthia Bailey on the obvious and calls out other people -ahem, ahem Kenya Moore – on the hypocrite act! 

Without naming too many names, NeNe alludes to the misdeeds of others. “It always amazes me how these ladies like to point fingers. It’s always somebody else’s fault rather than admitting, ‘Yeah I was wrong,’ or, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have said that at that time,’ or, ‘Maybe I wasn’t there for her because I had my own problems going on,'” lectures NeNe, the Godmother of Housewives everywhere. “It’s always easy to point the finger at your girl NeNe and hope that no one will see their true colors!” 


NeNe is tired of being labeled a bad friend, fake, unsupportive, rude… you get the gist. She also responds to critics who wonder about her sudden friendship with Phaedra Parks. According to NeNe, a bad situation brought them together. 

Phaedra and I are not close! We’re not BFFs!,” announces NeNe. “One of the great things about NeNe Leakes is that I have a heart. Phaedra is a woman, and woman to woman I felt her pain! Hell, I had been there before!” One of the other great things about NeNe Leakes is her ability to refer to herself in third person without any irony…

Seeing Phaedra in pain over Apollo Nida, compelled NeNe to reach out to the co-star she has always despised. “It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the street, you never know what a woman is going through behind closed doors, and I could clearly see Phaedra was going through something and she was in pain,” NeNe clarifies. “She’s a mom with two young boys, and all I saw was myself, so I had to reach out.”

“I wanted to give her advice on how to get through during tough times like these. Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to. Somebody to cry to,” explains NeNe. “It’s always during times like these when you get to see the true colors of those that call themselves your friend!” Yes – Kandi Burruss, where are you? is the implied sentiment. 

Now onto CynthiaNeNe will most certainly call her out by name! “When the info was brought up about the Phaedra cheating rumor from Miss I Don’t Have a Story Line, the first thought that came to mind was something my aunt told me last year after the reunion show.”

“She said, ‘NeNe, you might be hurting now and she may have fooled some people for the moment, but the truth will surface. You sit back, be quiet, and her true colors will show up. People will see her for who she is!’ You guys saw with your own eyes what Team Petty does week after week, so speak on it! Blow their ass up!”

“This is where I burst into my fake tears, because I have been called a whore and I’m innocent. #Girlbye #Weseeyou,” NeNe warns She Who Shall Not Be Named for fear of summoning the evil. Girl… I hear you, some people are better left unsaid! 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]