Phaedra counsels Kenya

Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore coming together for the good of the children?! Well, I never! The former enemies bonded over the water crisis in Flint, MI, and over absolutely insane relationships, and learned some surprising things about each other. As always, both Shady Phae-Phae and Krayonce are more than meets the eye! The Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars discuss their strange new ways in their latest blogs.

First up, Phaedra says she was “not surprised” that Kenya reached out to her for advice on the MATT SMASH! situation because.”It is no secret that my relationship with my former husband had and still has its challenges.”


“I was happy to lend some perspective and support to Kenya. I have learned that if I don’t share my lessons and blessings born from life’s challenges, then my living is in vain.” Oh, yes Phaedra is always one for sharing her words. Although supporting Kenya is something new.

On that same matter, Kenya shares that she felt “profound sadness” when she saw the damage Matt had done to Moore Manor (again). Kenya knew in advance that her home had been vandalized thanks to security, and also her cousin who visited the house while Kenya was in Charlotte, and reported the incident to the police.

“It broke my heart,” continues Kenya. “Why does he think damaging my property will get the results he wants from me? What is it that he wants? Love or fear? No woman should have to be subjected to choose between the two.”

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Unfortunately Kenya is still defending Matt. According to her, “Matt didn’t do those things to my house to hurt me, the damage was done as a cry for help.”

So, what made Kenya turn to her former nemesis for advice? A lobotomy? No, sanity, actually. “I know Phaedra has been through a lot with Apollo, but I didn’t know she had been to counseling. There is so much I didn’t know, and I felt grateful that she was honest with me about the struggles she has gone through.” Kenya adds that she was “appreciative” of Phaedra’s “honesty and advice.”

Kenya was so appreciative that she hopped on the train to Flint! And thankfully this was officially the last straw for Kenya and Matt. “Matt is a man whom I had great love for and even though we cannot be together, I felt I can still have compassion for his issues and get him the help he needs.”

Also in the Things We Didn’t Know About Phaedra Category: her relationship with Apollo’s mother! “My mother-in-law is a very supportive and caring lady,” shares Ms. Parks. “We both consider family very important, so we make spending time together a priority.”

Not a priority – Marlo Hampton. When asked about their argument at the Pop-Up shop, Kenya’s response was, “Who?” Exactly. Instead Kenya reveals she was “excited” to participate in the pop-up shop and contribute to charity, adding, “I donate over $20,000 annually to charities and have given water and monetary donations to Flint throughout the crisis.”‘

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In other announcements, Moore Hair Care will soon be available to the masses through a “retail partnership with Sally Beauty Supply (!”

Kenya reveals, “The mega beauty retailer has over 2,000 retail outlets nationwide and will be carrying Kenya Moore Hair Care in select stores in March/April 2017. I am a small business minority owner and this is a testament to what hard work and determination can yield.”

Well yay to more donations to charity with all that yield! And if not, perhaps Kenya can just donate it as drinking water?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]