Celebrity Big Brother Recap – Day 22: Trouble In Paradise

It’s day 22 in the Celebrity Big Brother house! Here we are again, and be warned, I’ve had no sleep so my sense of humor is in the same place as Kim Woodburn’s sense of goodwill: virtually non-existent.  Back to the house and we go back in time to eviction Day.

Jedward played pizza boxes last night, and left a huge mess in the store room.  Stacy Francis and Coleen Nolan confront the boys who straight away start to tidy up and sort.  Despite it being sorted, Nicola McLean comes into the room and starts having a go at Jedward again, completely needlessly.  Think she’s lost the plot.  She’ll probably find it with my lost sleeping hours….


3.39pm and we move to today’s task.  Today they are making a day time chat show called “Big Brother’s Bit on the inside”, with Coleen, Kim and Nicola hosting.

First topic is forgiveness in the house, and the guests are Speidi and Stacy.  Speidi are asked that seeing as “they’ve always been honest about it being a game, do you think you’ll ever forgive James C for playing the game”?

Heidi answers.  I think this is the longest I’ve heard her speak for.

She does stay quiet for a minute whilst she tries to gather her thoughts.  She says they realize that what they saw him as doing was different to what he meant to do.  She blames the high stakes and that they understand where they think he was coming from and it all went a little far.  She also says she feels no negativity towards him, and James C gets up to thank them and shake their hands. Cute moment.  Hope he’s genuine.

Kim then asks “Do you think your game hits below the belt sometimes” and Spencer replies “Coming from you, absolutely not!”

Kim refers him to a moment that was not aired, where Spencer had apparently made a retching sounds as he walked past her in the bedroom.  Spencer replies no comment, and it starts to turn into another argument.  Bullying accusations are thrown about with both parties.  Nicola asks Kim if that’s the noise from the spit or the gag (Clearly Kim has been talking about this to the other housemates), and Kim says it was the spit and gag apparently.

And we’re off.  Spencer erupts like a good un, and refuses to be accused of spitting and shouts into his microphone that he wants to speak to Big Brother about lying which is against the rule book.

I swear that’s how Speidi do so well in these things, I’ve never known a housemate digest the rule book so well.  He storms off from the table and stands in the corner.

4.23pm and 2nd Topic “Self-censorship” with Calum and James C.  They talk about Calum being neutral and ask if he is the same on the outside, which he answers saying that he tends to be a people pleaser so yes.  James C is asked if it was hard after nominations.  He replies that he does take it personally and it did hurt him and that he found it so hard.

Big brother “helpfully” shows a clip of Coleen outside talking it James C saying that she wishes he would have kicked off at Speidi and basically goading him, and James C saying that it doesn’t matter because they’re in the house, and it’s not real life.  He makes a comment saying that if it was on the outside he’d bite their noses off.  Spencer reiterates from the side-lines (he’s sat down now) that’s he’s glad he nominated her, but the ever graceful James C comments that he’s glad that Big Brother showed the comment and apologises straight away.  Again Heidi speaks for Speidi (Has Spencer put new batteries in?) and accepts the apology and in return apologizes to him for their strong game player reactions and says that they don’t want to make the experience worse for him.  They all agree to put it to bed and James C gives Heidi a hug.  Spencer laughs and tells her to watch her nose…..

The final topic is “Romance” and of course, the guests are Jamie and Bianca.

Bianca is asked if she is concerned that it could be like a holiday romance, and she says of course she’s worried, it was never a plan to meet anyone in here etc etc etc and everyone laughs and has a good time.

But of course, this is Big Brother, and he doesn’t like big love ins.

Big Brother decides to show the clip with Bianca talking to Nicola about the boyfriend she has on the outside…..

Jamie’s media training kicks in, and he starts talking weird stuff about people in the past and all fluffy stuff, but when Bianca starts to join in, he points out that she did say she was single.  So that Press tuition couldn’t last forever….and the task is soon over.

We move forward to Spencer in the diary room, venting at Big Brother.  He wants to speak to a lawyer about false and libellous allegations of spitting and demands that Big Brother finds the footage to show it didn’t happen.

Big Brother informs him that housemates will always be represented fairly, but also have no contact from the outside.  I don’t know if it’s editing or not, but Spencer seems happy with this response and we move on.


Bianca is updating the other housemates, well James C and Stacy about the boyfriend (shouldn’t the conversation be with Jamie??)

But no, Jamie is in the bedroom with Nicola telling her he is more bothered about the lying and the fact she could move on from her boyfriend so quickly.


7.40pm and Bianca is in the Diary Room upset.  No sh*t Sherlock.  No sympathy.

Bianca eventually approaches Jamie and he is more than lovely, saying he just wishes she’d have told him the full story.  He gives her a big hug, and she’s got off lightly in my book.

Next up is Eviction time and Stacy’s departure.  We get to see the aftermath.

58 minutes later, and housemates are told its nomination time.  But we have a twist (How very unlike B.B.).  There is a stand with 10 playing cards on, back to front so housemates cannot tell what is underneath.  There are 3 different cards mixed in; one for nomination, one for saving and jokers which takes voting powers away.  Housemates are told to pick a card and then follow the category:

Speidi first- Nominate- and no surprise they choose Kim

Nicola- Nominate- Jedward- she is getting irritated with them more, but emphasises that they can be lovely when not doing the ‘Jedward’ thing.

Jedward- Nominate- Bianca- due to lying about her dating status and they want to give Nicola a break

Jessica- Joker- powerless.

Calum- Save- Coleen- they have always bonded from the start.

Bianca- Save- Jamie- trying to make it up to him.

Kim- Joker- Powerless and Spencer loves it and finds it hilarious.  Kim is not amused.

Coleen- Nominate- Jessica- ridiculous excuse of Jessica being to energetic, but Jessica takes it well

James C- Joker- He’s more than pleased after the mess he made last time!

Bianca, Jedward, Jessica and Kim are now up for eviction, and we know (although they don’t) it’s a double eviction.

Now, it’s always a bad sign when the commentator utters the words “Kim is enjoying a drink”.  Brace yourself readers, we have fun to come.

Meanwhile Calum is in the diary room being humble.  Although he is loving never having faced and eviction crowd and reactions, he has no idea how he is coming across to the public, and is curious to know.  Careful what you wish for m’dear!!

Speidi is at the Kitchen table with Jamie and James C and is congratulating Jamie for making it so far, and that it is an achievement still being in the house.   He is saying staying alive is a success even for Kim…

And of course, cue Kim walking in halfway through the statement and hearing her name and not the subject matter and starts going at him again.  Spencer takes it calmly and tells her he’s not going to react and doesn’t want to speak to her.  Heidi starts talking into her microphone for Big Brother and then they both run out of the room singing.

A little later and Speidi is talking to Jedward in the kitchen about the false allegations of spitting.  Kim is in the bedroom so they shut the door.  Kim opens it and Heidi closes it again.  Kim opens it and props it open with a chair, and Heidi closes it and takes the chair.  Kim opens it and props it with another chair, and Heidi takes that too.  Jedward do try telling Heidi to leave it, that’s it not worth it but she’s having far too much fun.  Speidi shout through that it’s against the rules to have it open.  Kim starts talking into the microphone telling Big Brother she wants a word. (What is it this episode for the microphone thing??  It’s like James Bond).


Bianca shuts the final door and Kim goes into the diary room, as Speidi run away from her again.  Kim is all sweetness and light at first.  She blames the temperature in the bedroom saying that she only has the door open as it’s far too hot, and Big Brother starts to explain that they are adjusting the temperature but they need the door closed for this to work.  Kim turns into that girl from the exorcist with the spinning head and all that.  Or pretty much.  The chap that got the Big Brother role tonight is regretting his shift.  She goes off like a nuclear warhead, saying that she’ll look silly in front of them know, as they’ll know she was told to keep it closed.  All fun and games.  Literally.

Bianca and Jamie are in bed talking but Jamie is on edge and ends up saying he wants air.  He gets up and goes to the diary room.  She takes the opportunity to spray on a bit more perfume in readiness for her return.  He explains to Big Brother how bothered he is by it all and how he doesn’t know where he’s meant to sleep that night, having started to share Bianca’s bed in the last few nights.  He eventually goes back to the bedroom and we wait with baited breath to see where it ends.  He heads towards Bianca, and we hold our breaths…..he then climbs into the empty single bed, next to her double, and settles in their for the night.  Perfume wasted and the show ends on the awkwardness.

Author: Nicki M.

Photo Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother