Eden Sassoon

In a post-truth, alternative fact world it seems Eden Sassoon‘s misinformation about the state of Kim Richards‘ sobriety fits right in. The newest Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star now realizes her actions were a bit over the top.

Eden admits to “questioning” her behavior in retrospect. “Reliving the moments with these women is not easy. Could I have approached things in a different way? Yes, probably. But I have to remind myself that in those moments, that was what I was feeling, and that was my truth at that moment. Hindsight is always 20/20. But as I have said before, my goal is only to live out MYtruth, and if I am doing that, I am being as authentic as I can be.”


While Eden acknowledges that she overreacted, she still believes her concerns about Kim’s sobriety are justified. She describes how everything seemed normal while she was talking to Kim at PK’s party, but watching the episode has a different perspective. “Now I see that Kim wasn’t happy with me,” notes Eden in her blog. “And apparently I am ‘always around.’ Damn I’m quick! #LightningBolt.”

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“Truly, I think the things you notice that are ‘always around’ you are the things you’re most scared of,” she continues, “or the things you’re scared to face. For Kim, that may be me, another sober woman who knows the disease inside and out.”

I can understand Eden’s desire to be helpful, but it was too much, too soon with a very strange fixation on Kim and Kyle. And frankly, I don’t think anyone cares to discuss Kim Richards’ sobriety ever again.

Other than the drama with Kim, this episode leaves Eden feeling that there were some “amazing moments” and “some I didn’t understand.”

On Eden’s amazing list is Dorit Kemsley rollerblading, Kyle and Erika in Greece, and PK’s party with the Boy George surprise. “The whole party was sexy, intimate, and then #POW, here’s Boy George!”

On Eden’s confusing list is Dorit’s comments to Lisa Vanderpump about Lisa Rinna‘s baggie of pills, and why Kyle doesn’t want to be besties!?

“What is Dorit trying to accomplish by bringing up Rinna’s bag of pills? Whose pot is she trying to stir?” wonders Eden. “All I know is that most of the pills in that bag would make these women healthier…and calmer. #Vitamins” Interesting that Eden is troubled by Dorit’s insinuations, while she is completely on board with Lipsa doing the same to Kim! (I am not defending Kim here – don’t get it twisted. Ha!).

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Eden expresses her confusion about why Kyle was so guarded about discussing her family, when she spoke candidly about it to Erika Jayne. “Kyle was so easily able to open up about her mom to Erika, but when I asked, trying to understand where she comes from, I was attacking her? Again, I think time will only show Kyle that I have the best intentions for her and her sister.”

Um, Kyle, like, knows Erika and has met her more than once, so perhaps that has something to do with it?


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