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Tinsley Mortimer Isn’t Living Up To The Hype As A New Cast Member On Real Housewives Of New York

Rumor has it that Tinsley Mortimer isn’t making as great of an impact as people were hoping for on Real Housewives of New York. Apparently she wanted RHONY to be her comeback into New York City society and the people behind the show wanted her to breathe some new life into Housewives. It’s being reported that neither has happened.

Not only that, but apparently some of the cast members aren’t big fans of Tinsley– how shocking, the cast members not warming up to the new girl. Unfortunately that’s not a novel concept, but it will be interesting to see how Tinsley comes off on the show after the not-so-nice rumors that have spread about her time filming this season.


According to an article from Page Six, Tinsley has offended her costars “by failing to live up their lofty standards of proper etiquette.” Color me shocked. As if this is the first time that a group of Housewives has been put off by someone being less than proper.

Apparently they’re all super offended that Tinsley is living with Sonja Morgan. Rumor has it she has been staying there for free “without coughing up a gift.” If that’s true, I’m not a fan of that either. Being a polite guest is important. I just want to know why Tinsley is living with Sonja is she’s supposed to be a some big socialite. I also didn’t get why Luann de Lesseps was staying with Sonja last season.  Speaking of the countess, I was really hoping that the presence of a new cast member would detract from the wedding-centered plot of next season, but unfortunately it does not seem like Tinsley is coming through for me on that one.

Supposedly Sonja’s off-again-on-again BFF Ramona Singer has taken it upon herself to come at Tinsley for this faux pas which should be interesting since she spent all of last season distancing herself from Sonja in between throwing her under the bus. Still, these two seem to be back on good terms just based on social media.

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Not only are the cast members reportedly put off by Tinsley taking advantage of Sonja’s hospitality, but apparently she isn’t bringing too much to the show. Tinsley envisioned a comeback in New York City accompanied by a return to the dating game and “inside sources” have been buzzing that she has fell short from those expectations. The article even says that Tinsley “has yet to bring the new blush of energy to the action as had been hoped by its producers.” Yikes. (Maybe they should wait and let VIEWERS be the judge of that!)

Of course, Tinsley’s rep told Page Six, “There’s no truth to these rumors.” Hopefully they’re still shooting this season and Tinsley has time to stir some shit up. I hope that there is no truth to these reports. It would kill me to have to watch a boring season of RHONY, but at the very least I could get up for snack breaks whenever Tinsley is on screen if she ends up falling flat.

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