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Cynthia Bailey Clarifies If She Took A Dip In The Lady Pond & Comments On Kenya Moore’s Gift Of Vaginal Rejuvenation

It seemed like Cynthia Bailey felt left out during the last Real Housewives of Atlanta episode when the other cast members were talking about their lesbian experiences. The only weird thing about that is that she made her comments in a conversation with her teenage daughter and I felt vicariously awkward for Noelle Robinson.

It was a pretty awkward episode for Cynthia in all honesty. First she’s talking to her daughter about making out with another woman and then Kenya Moore gifted her with a vaginal rejuvenation. I don’t even know what to make of that. Is that thoughtful? Is that rude? Is that a little much to put on television? Maybe all of the above.


Honestly, it just seemed like Cynthia was talking about the popular topic of the moment when she brought some kind of sort of lesbian action to Noelle. So what really happened? Cynthia clarified what she meant in her latest Bravo blog entry. Cynthia admitted, “I wouldn’t really say that I took an actual dip in the lady pond; however, I did dip my toe in it. It was years ago, and a one-time incident. I just couldn’t get into it. I definitely prefer to date men.”

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I am surprised Cynthia went through with the vaginal rejuvenation though. I totally thought she was going to talk her way out of Kenya’s surprise gift. Cynthia even admitted, “I don’t usually like surprises! However, we had a great time.” And I’m sure the good times will only get better from now on… wink wink.

Cynthia also made it a point to say, “I actually had no idea if I needed vaginal rejuvenation or not! Let’s just say, I’ve never had any complaints, so I always assumed that everything was working properly down there. But now thanks to Kenya, I guess everything is really working properly down there!”

The best part about that whole plot point had nothing to do with Cynthia getting the procedure down. The scene stealing moment came from Kenya‘s on-camera interview when she said she didn’t need to get rejuvenation since she’s had “very few lovers”- a comment that the fandom really ran with on Twitter.

Another awkward moment with Cynthia from the last episode involved Sheree Whitfield’s attempt to negotiate a deal for her son Kairo Whitfield. I will never get over Sheree’s thirst and lack of grammar when she asked, “Is it compensation?” And then I was absolutely floored when she tried to change the date and time of Cynthia’s event just to accommodate her son – who’s very new to modeling.

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Still, Cynthia didn’t take the opportunity to throw any shade at that ridiculous meeting with the self-appointed momager. All she had to say was, “After meeting with Kairo and Sheree, I just wanted to be supportive, and give him some experience. He is a very good looking man, and I thought he would be a perfect fit for the Cargo By CB show.”


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