Summer House Star Everett Weston Calls Out Stephen McGee For Lying To Lindsay Hubbard; Says He’s Closest With Kyle Cooke And Lauren Wirkus Out Of The Cast Members

It doesn’t seem like Everett Weston is actually into all of the drama that goes down on Summer House. He comes off like a loyal boyfriend who’s willing to do anything to take up for his girlfriend Lindsay Hubbard. Other than standing up for Lindsay, Everett has been the victim of some drama, courtesy of housemate Stephen McGee.

In the last episode Stephen told Lindsay that Everett told him (yes, I know this sounds like a horrible game of telephone) that he woke up in a bed with four women. It should be noted that Everett was never actually shown saying that and if he did, I’m pretty positive that it would have made the episode. It’s a shame because Stephen was my favorite cast member and now we have to figure out who to believe in this dramatic situation.


I don’t know why Stephen would be motivated to just straight up lie about something Everett said IN FRONT OF REALITY TV CAMERAS, but everyone who watches reality television knows that this does happen often. I don’t see why Everett would confide in Lindsay’s friend of all people about something shady he supposedly did behind her back, so it’s not surprising that he’s denying talking to Stephen.

Everett explained what went down in an interview on the Buttered Pop podcast, “First of all, I never told anything to Stephen because I don’t trust him. I think as we’ve seen- which I saw it happen during the season- he interjected himself into situations where he didn’t belong.” As much as I love Stephen’s personality and think that he has the best commentary during the on-camera interviews, it doesn’t seem like he has much of a story line on his own. Maybe he’s just trying to secure his spot on the show? Or maybe Everett really did confide in him? I would like to see some receipts.

Everett brought up another example of Stephen messing with another romantic relationship in the house: the hookup budding romance between Lauren Wirkus and Carl Radke. Everett recalled, “He’d be like withholding information about a wedding to create a major conflict between Carl and Lauren. And then obviously, there’s this thing that happened last time.” Yeah, other than those phone calls with his long distance boyfriend and the adorable bromance with Carl, it seems like Stephen’s role on the show is to be the resident shit stirrer.

Back to the issue at hand, Everett recalled, “When I said this thing that he thought he heard, it was to Kyle. It was nothing along those lines because I was at my friend Nate’s house and I did wake up next to my friend Nate and next to my other friend Kim.” If only this talk was actually captured by the cameras! Everett continued, “And it was a situation that was twisted grossly out of what was actually reality. Frankly, that was the first time I had seen that level of meddling in relation to me.” Unfortunately, that’s how reality TV works.

Everett went on about how Stephen was doing the most to spread this story to anyone who would listen. Everett said, “There was that time in the car and when he spoke to Jaclyn [Shuman] and he spoke to both Wirkuses about it. And he basically confronts Lindsay about it.”

Everett said, “It’s like dude, first of all this doesn’t involve you. It’s none of your business and it’s not true.  It’s frustrating because I really try to give Stephen the benefit of the doubt during the show. I didn’t really know him coming into it all that much. He was friends with Lindsay.” And Lindsay thought that she had a bad friend in Cristina Gibson, and meanwhile it’s Stephen who’s doing the most to mess with her romantic relationship. Yikes.

Everett added, “Once you cross me like that, it’s hard to come back.” The podcast host asked Everett, “He’s dropped right?” and Everett didn’t say any actual words in response, but he let out a sound that seemed to be pretty affirmative to me.

Not only did Stephen talk crap about Everett, but the story kept evolving as the episode went on. Everett recalled, “What are you trying to do? Are you just trying to create situations here? For what? It’s a little baffling here. The story that I supposedly told him kept changing.” Everett also shared, “I haven’t spoken to him since about it. We don’t really speak all that often.” I don’t blame him.

Everett continued, “It pissed me off. I didn’t know to the degree that somebody else was trying to create drama in my relationship with Lindsay. God knows that we have enough drama that goes down without other people trying to stir the pot. So I was quite irritated when I watched that.” Again, I don’t blame him.

The summer wasn’t all fights and fake friendships for Everett though. Everett did reveal that he came out of the experience being close friends with Kyle Cooke and Lauren. In regard to Kyle, Everett said, “Him and I had been homies for a while and I was planning on going into the season as his wing man and then Lindsay stole my heart.” And he also said, “Over the summer, Lauren and I became really tight, especially because her and Lindsay are really close friends and Lauren is just such an awesome, supportive person.”

That’s all well and good, but what I really want to know is what is going to happen with Stephen after all the drama that he has instigated. The podcast host made remarks about how Stephen is calculated and manipulates the story lines for the show and Everett affirmed, “One hundred percent. You hit the nail on the head.” Everett also teased, “You reap what you sow, so we’ll see what happens.” And I cannot wait to see what goes down.

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