A Definitive Ranking of Every Summer House Reunion

Summer House reunions ranked.
Photo Credit: Jocelyn Prescod/Bravo via Getty Images

The Season 8 Summer House reunion came to a close on Thursday, June 13 with a dramatic final hour. This year’s reunion was jam-packed. Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were grilled about their broken engagement and the cast shared their honest takes on the former couple’s relationship. It’s no surprise the Season 8 reunion was a hit, considering it was the show’s most-watched season to date. The success of this year’s dramatic conclusion had me thinking about past Summer House reunions and how they measure up. So, I decided to rank them.

Here is every Summer House reunion ranked from worst to best:

**Season 1 and Season 3 of Summer House did not have reunions, so they will be excluded from this list**

6. Summer House Season 4 Reunion

The Season 4 reunion took place over Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual element seemed to affect the cast’s energy. Many of them appeared disconnected while filming. In addition to the less-than-ideal setup, there was also not much to talk about. Season 4 was pretty blah. The drama was sparse and the cast felt divided. Much of the reunion was dedicated to talking about Jordan Verroi and Jules Daoud’s relationship, which viewers didn’t care about.

5. Summer House Season 2 Reunion

Season 1 didn’t have a reunion, so Season 2 was the cast’s first time rehashing their summer together. While the reunion was juicy at times, a lot of the drama felt stale. I didn’t need to hear Lauren Wirkus and Carl talk about whether they were in a relationship or not for by 500th time. Also, finding out that Lindsay and Everett Weston were still dating after watching their toxic relationship for an entire season was a bummer. The newness of the reunion was exciting but overall, it fell a little flat.

4. Summer House Season 6 Reunion

Season 6 was a good reunion. The drama was plentiful and the cast came ready to fight. Lindsay and Ciara Miller dished about the Austren Kroll love triangle and Paige DeSorbo came prepared with some punchy one-liners. Watching Paige avoid eye contact with Lindsay all night is one of my favorite Summer House moments, especially since the two were seated right next to each other.

3. Summer House Season 7 Reunion

I liked the Season 7 reunion. The season itself was just okay but the group went hard at the reunion. There were countless dramatic moments, from Kyle Cooke calling Lindsay “the coldest, most emotionless person he’s ever seen” to Paige calling out Lindsay and Carl for not having jobs. In addition to the fighting, multiple conversations left me feeling emotional. I felt moved watching Carl explain how Kyle’s comments about his drug addiction affected him. The conversation felt real and honest.

2. Summer House Season 8 Reunion

The Season 8 reunion was top-notch. Viewers were eager to watch Lindsay and Carl hash out their breakup and respond to each other’s comments. It felt like watching a therapy session. If therapy was hosted by Andy Cohen. In addition to the broken engagement drama, there was also Ciara and West Wilson’s failed romance. My heart broke watching Ciara explain how she felt “played” by her co-star. If the Season 8 reunion has a fault it’s that Kyle got off too easy. We saw him call his wife, Amanda Batula, a “f*cking b*tch” for wanting a career of her own and we expected he would be called out at the reunion. However, Andy barely touched on it. So much of the season was dedicated to Kyle and Amanda’s relationship issues. It’s weird how little time was spent on the topic at the reunion.

1. Summer House Season 5 Reunion

The Season 5 reunion is God-tier! It was brutal watching Hannah Berner sit in the hot seat for two hours but man, it was good TV. The drama was also electric, from Hannah’s co-stars accusing her of being dishonest about her relationship with Luke Gulbranson to them calling her a man-hater. I was seated with my popcorn ready.