Kim Zolciak Talks Her Possible Return To Real Housewives Of Atlanta And Her Value Compared With NeNe Leakes

Even though the ninth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently airing, people cannot stop talking about the milestone tenth season. Everyone is buzzing about the possibility that OG cast members Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes making a return to RHOA. Nothing has been confirmed or denied, but both Kim and NeNe have been asked about it a lot.

Cameras caught Kim while she was at the airport and she was asked so many pot stirring questions like “Who is the bigger draw between you and NeNe?,” “Who would you get rid of from the cast?,” and of course the question we want to know, “Have you guys signed yet? Are you going to?”


A TMZ paparazo asked Kim, “Who’s the bigger draw between the two of you?” Initially, she didn’t bite and just said, “Well, we’re the originals.” After getting asked the same question a few more times, Kim added, “I mean having your own show for six seasons says something.”

Then Kim checked herself with this neutral statement: “I think that NeNe has her own stuff going on and so do I.” Yeah, but we all know that you’d both be back on RHOA if the price was right.

Kim kept getting pressed about RHOA’s tenth season. She wouldn’t really admit anything. Instead she plugged her upcoming cameo appearance and said, “All you need to know about is the season finale.”

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And then my hopes for a Kim Z return were crushed when she said, “Listen, I start filming Don’t Be Tardy Monday.”

Why would she ever leave that show? She’s getting paid to just be her. She doesn’t have to interact with women she doesn’t like and it just seems like such a cushy situation. I don’t see why anyone would leave that behind.

But maybe she could do both? Kim repeated something she has said many times before: “Listen, I’m motivated by money.” I feel like the Real Housewives franchise has more money to offer than a sweet, non-controversial show about Kim, Kroy Biermann, and their adorable family.

Then I started to think about how all the current cast members have to be so annoyed by all of the fans and media jumping ahead to next season and talking about people who aren’t even on the show anymore. I’m sure plenty of the current ladies are both annoyed and threatened by the possibilities of Kim and NeNe returning.

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The videographer tried to stir up drama one more time and asked Kim who she would want off the show for her to return. Kim knows better than to respond to that, but her daughter Brielle Biermann was also there and she spoke up and said, “Kenya.” So, if Kim ever comes back, that insures Kenya Moore will too. There’s no way that Bravo would pass up the two of them arguing in front of the cameras, which is why I assume Kim refused to answer the question. She knows this game by now.

I can’t see Kim going back to RHOA unless Don’t Be Tardy gets cancelled and/or she’s offered a shit ton of money. Maybe she will make more cameo appearances, stir shit up, collect a paycheck, and leave just in time to escape the Housewife drama. That seems like the ideal situation to me, but I’m sure this will all get worked out in due time.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]