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Erika Girardi Admits She Overreacted To Eileen Davidson’s Comment About Her Son; Denies Glam Squad Has Gone To Her Head

Erika Girardi

Last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode was a hot mess. I found myself rooting for Erika Girardi to destroy Dorit Kemsley during their argument. But then I was vicariously embarrassed for Erika when she freaked out at her biggest fan Eileen Davidson for making an innocent comment.

Erika stopped by Watch What Happens Live to address the intense episode with Andy Cohen and fellow guest, Real Housewives fanatic Megan McCain. I have to admit that I am an Erika Jayne fan, so it was tough for me to watch. It was the first time in Erika’s two years on the show when I found it difficult to back her up. I was nervous about the (deserved) backlash that she was bound to get for flipping out at Eileen for no reason.


Andy shadily played the clip of Dorit claiming, “I think all of the people that Erika pays have literally gotten to her head” and asked Erika for her thoughts. As per usual (minus that last episode), Erika was calm, cool, and collected. She simply said, “No.” And then she added, “They’re really honest. They will tell me ‘Slow it down. That’s stupid.’ They’re very good to me.”

Megan later chimed in, “Dorit reminds me of every girl I went to college with who studied abroad, came back with an accent, and thinks she’s more cultured than I am.” That is the most perfect way to describe Dorit. So. On. Point.

Andy started to ask Erika, “Did you see watching the episode back that Eileen‘s intent was…” and Erika interjected, “So innocent. Her intent was innocent. I overreacted.”

Thank god she admitted that. It was going to be a pretty bad look for her if she did not immediately cop to that one. Eileen has always been Erika‘s biggest cheerleader. It would be dumb for her to hold a grudge because of the comment.

And it all seems good in the hood these days since Eileen, Lisa Rinna, and Harry Hamlin showed up to support Erika during her first night on Dancing With the Stars. Clearly, they’ve moved past the incident, but I’m just hoping it doesn’t get dragged out for a dozen episodes before they got to that point.

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A viewer called in to ask Erika how her husband Tom Girardi responded to the panty gate saga. Erika responded, “I think he’s just finding out now. I kind of figured this was going to be a story line.” So I figured she would have warned him about it ahead of time, right?

Andy said, “You talked about it for a long time.” Erika agreed, “Yeah, we talked about it for a long time. It was just kind of kept alive and kept alive.” And she explained, “You know at some point it’s going to be more about the people around him instead of him and that’s why I was so angry about it.” I mean, if her husband’s law career hasn’t suffered from Mrs. Girardi’s outrageous Erika Jayne persona, I doubt a lack of panties is going to do too much harm. Or at least I hope not.

Another caller asked Erika is there was a reason she and Lisa Vanderpump “haven’t clicked as friends,” and Erika countered, “I think we are actually clicking more and more as time goes by.” I find that to be interesting since Dorit is the most loyal LVP soldier at this point, but I would love to watch Lisa and Erika as good friends next season.

Like I said before, I am an Erika fan, but even I found it hypocritical that Erika had Rinna and Eileen avidly defending her, but whenever Vanderpump stepped in to back Dorit, someone would say something about keeping the disagreement “between Erika and Dorit.” One viewer asked why that was okay and Erika didn’t technically answer the question, but her reply did make it clear that she’s not bothered by Lisa supporting Dorit.

Erika said, “LVP does stick up for Dorit quite often. She can do whatever she wants. She’s free to say whatever she wants. That’s her friend, go defend her.” And last but not least Erika (once again) addressed the other women referring to her “as cold” by saying, “I’m not cold and anyone who truly knows me knows that I’m not cold.”



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