Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Dishes On Her Time On Celebrity Apprentice & Why She Won’t Do Dancing With The Stars

Even though Kyle Richards is a cast member in a reality TV franchise called Real Housewives, she is oddly in the minority since a lot of the stars in the franchise aren’t even wives. Kyle and Mauricio Umansky seem to have a very solid relationship and they’re not even annoying about it…. minus the constant plugs for The Agency that I could do without.

Kyle recently opened up about the very beginning of her relationship with her husband Mauricio, why she would never do Dancing With the Stars, and how she said no a million times to doing Celebrity Apprentice, but ended up caving to join the cast anyway.


Kyle had a lot to say during a recent interview on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast. She revealed that when she first met Mauricio he actually thought she was a part of a different famous family. Kyle recalled, “He thought that I was Demi Moore‘s sister because he had seen me at the gym and someone had said, ‘That’s Demi Moore’s sister.’ It was just one of those rumors and he believed it.” I totally see that. Well, maybe just the hair, but I get that.

Kyle is one of two original cast members who has stuck around on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so obviously she knows what she’s doing when it comes to reality TV and I get why she would be asked to join other shows. Unlike some of her fellow Housewives, Kyle is so not down to join Dancing With the Stars.

Kyle said, “Honestly, no. I think it’s great when other people do it, but it’s not for me.  I feel really overloaded right now,” and then she talked about that scripted show based on her family growing up…again.

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Kyle continued, “The whole dancing thing, I really admire anyone who does it. First of all, I can dance great at a party or at a club after a few drinks, but doing it with someone and having to follow moves, I’m very ADD and I would be very stressed and overwhelmed thinking I would have to do this live and on camera with people watching. The hours and taking that away from your family, I could not do it.”

Heather asked Kyle is she saw the last episode where Erika Jayne danced to song with her partner dressed as a Los Angeles police officer. Sure, the dance was great, but the theme just was very odd since the dance was super sexual and Erika’s son is a police officer. Not only that, but she just had that “You don’t know what I go through every night” freak out about her son, so it just seemed like odd timing – which Heather pointed out.

Nevertheless, Kyle, wasn’t going to be baited to shade Erika. “I missed last night’s, but I had it recorded. I’m gonna watch.”

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After Heather continued talking about the odd timing of the cop theme, Kyle just said, “I have not seen it and I did not hear any of that. I would imagine that she probably wasn’t think of that and that she was probably just thinking of it as a dance.” Kyle wasn’t falling for the bait. She is the only person who’s on good terms with everyone in her cast, so she wasn’t gonna mess that up by shading Erika in a podcast. Props to her.

Even though Kyle maintains that she would never do Dancing With the Stars, she did agree to do Celebrity Apprentice. She confessed, “I was terrified with Celebrity Apprentice. When they asked me to do it, I first said no – I don’t even know how many times. I met with the producers and they said, ‘We will let you sleep at home. You don’t even have to sleep at the hotel.'”

Kyle continued, “I was still scared of the hours and everything because I have to make my kids breakfast and their snacks. I don’t have someone doing that for me, so I was like, ‘How am I going to do this?’ I ended up doing it, but I don’t know.” It’s nice to know she is actually involved with her children’s daily lives – unlike some other women in the cast.


[Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC]