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**Warning This Article May Contain Southern Charm Season 4 Premiere Spoilers**

It feels like forever since we last saw the Southern Charm crew, and is the usual with the Charleston crew, a lot has happened, especially for Kathryn Dennis since she last graced the screen. And while fans didn’t get a full dose of the leggy redhead in the season 4 Southern Charm premiere, folks were certainly talking about little else. But that leaves us wondering, what does Kathryn think about all of the chatter?

First, Kathryn says that she was glad to see some new blood introduced on Southern Charm season 4, and she wants to stress that she thinks that both new guy, Austen Kroll and new gal, Chelsea Meissner will be a welcome addition to the show.

“Austen is a great guy, and a sweetheart,” says Kathryn. I just hope he isn’t too sweet and naive for the show!”


Fans might recognize Charleston resident Chelsea Meissner from Survivor, or from prior seasons, as she is a friend of Southern Charm star Cameron Eubanks on and off camera.

“Chelsea and I clicked instantly,” says Kathryn. “She is a real person, and what you see is really what you get.”

But getting down to business, what did Kathryn think of the Southern Charm season premiere? Well, she thought it was interesting and was a bit surprised that nearly 80% of the show was gossip about her, by a new friend of the cast Eliza Limestone, who she says she doesn’t know, and might have said hello to twice, and then there was Shelby, who calls herself Kathryn’s cousin.

“Not only did I not ‘drunk text’ Eliza, but I can only think of one time that I answered some questions for her about what it’s like to be on Southern Charm, and that’s it. She texted me to invite me to the party, but I declined because I knew it would not be a sober environment.”

Kathryn mentioned that she was also a bit uncomfortable that Eliza is not yet 21, and her party would have lots of booze and more.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Then there was Shelby. Shelby, Shelby Shelby. Kathryn says that even though she shares a last name with Shelby, they share no blood, and before this season of Southern Charm, they were simply friends. Kathryn says that she now feels like Shelby used her to get her own 15 minutes, and the truth according to Dennis, is that Shelby parties hard, and soon after returning from rehab, Kathryn realized that she couldn’t hang out with the wild child anymore.

“I guess I didn’t realize just how thirsty Shelby is,” said Kathryn in reaction to the gossip spread about KD. “I mean, those heels, with that suit. Wow. I’ve done a lot to help her, and this is how she pays me back?”

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And then of course, there is Landon, who seemed to think for some reason that Kathryn was using rehab as an opportunity to meet a new man with money on the west coast. Kathryn says that the accusation sounds more like a Landon plan than one she would put into place.

“For the record, I was in crisis, and it was my mom who picked the place based on where I could get the best help far away from my normal everyday life,” says Kathryn. “I am really grateful for the help I got in Malibu, and am not going to apologize for going somewhere that was ‘high profile.’ And it was never something I was trying to keep secret.”

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Has Some Thoughts On Season 4 Premiere

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis


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