Luann and Tom

Luann de Lesseps Says Bethenny Frankel Was Projecting Her Failed Marriage & Divorce Unhappiness By Attacking Her Relationship To Tom D’Agostino.

Hell hath no fury like a Housewife divorced? Last season Bethenny Frankel tearfully exposed Luann de Lesseps‘ fiancé of one minute of cheating, but Luann scoffs that was just Bethenny “projecting her own failed marriage” onto Luann’s perfect, amazing, super blissful, fabulous, happiness! Don’t F–K with A Lu In Love, y’all!

So, like, Luann is projecting her self-described perfect happiness onto Bethenny’s scorn, to cover-up that maybe Tom D’Agostino Jr. is actually a cheater, while Bethenny is simultaneously projecting her belief that marriages fail onto Luann’s insistence that marriages work. Does that make sense to anyone? No – it doesn’t, but I need a side-job writing Housewives-related questions for the SAT Test.

Anyway, of last season’s Real Housewives Of New York Berkshire explosion/Miami cheating-gate, Luann says, “Poor Bethenny… You know what, I felt bad for her because she was crying so hard for herself, really. [The tears] it’s not really meant for me – I think it’s issues she’s having herself.”


“She had a troubled marriage, and got divorced, and had a problem getting divorced…” Luann continued. “I think she was projecting. I was like, ‘It’s fine: I’m good, I’m a grown woman. I know what I’m doing.’”

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Bethenny responded to Luann’s claims on twitter, “Disappointing. I’ve supported you this season. My [situation] has been challenging. Exploit it if it helps make you happy.”

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Apparently that’s now how Luann feels. She claims that during their trip to Mexico, Bethenny still couldn’t accept that Luann married Tom. “I’m the only one who’s actually married on the Real Housewives Of New York! ” she laughs. “I think they’re still getting used to the fact that I’m married, and you know what, I’m so happy, and Tom and I are great and that’s what’s important to me.

This season the ladies continue “insinuating” Tom is cheating. Luann insists, “It’s so not true!” and blames jealousy. (Everybody wants a piece of The Tom! #Sarcasm)

Tom is a wonderful, wonderful man,” she continues, “and they have nothing else to talk about but Tom and I!”

Luann is not as affected by everyone’s judgements, because married Luann is “more grounded and whole”  thanks to Tom. “Tom is just a pillar of strength for me… That’s how I’m able to handle all these women.”

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Don’t worry this season isn’t all about Tom! There’s plenty of other drama. Like it’s now Ramona Singer‘s turn to fight with Bethenny (Again). “They do have a HUGE blowout. It happened at Dorinda’s house,” Luann dished to Access Hollywood. “There’s something about the Berkshires!” she jokes. “I love you Dorinda, but that house…

Luann also weighed in on a possible reconciliation between Bethenny and Jill Zarin. She denies ever trying to stop them from rebuilding their friendship and hints that she maybe tried to bring them together. Without success. “Yes, Jill is around,” Luann explains, “but there’s nothing between her and Bethenny for the moment. I can’t tell you more… ”


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