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Bethenny Frankel Blames RHONY Co-Stars For Her “Wrath” This Season; Says The Show Is Too Negative!

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With the season finale of Real Housewives Of New York done we have only the reunion to look forward to. At the center of all the drama is Bethenny Frankel, who concedes she was in “a lot of arguments this season.” But, Bethenny justifies her behaviors by blaming her co-stars who not only try to hide their lives from cameras, but who have come for the Skinnygirl empire!

“You come for me, you’re gonna get the wrath,” Bethenny shrugs. “And that’s what happened this season.” 


“I don’t really ever hold back and I don’t ever manufacture anything,” Bethenny maintains. “And I live my life completely honestly on the show.”  

“It’s not exactly a level playing field because,” Bethenny complains that only “about 50 percent of the cast”  lives “their true life” on camera. “It’s a flaw in being a person who puts yourself out in the public eye and then realizes that you have a pile of skeletons in your closet,” she accuses. “There are a lot of things that you’re not seeing.” 

This from the woman who hid her relationship, and only talks about her business? Mmmmkay liar pants!

With all these liars circling her empire, Bethenny candidly admits, “The reunion was absolutely terrible for me. It’s a very, very challenging process,” she explains. “I think there are a lot of things that are untold.” In addition to lying Housewives, Bethenny blames strep throat for making her so ragey that day. 

“It’s the day that a lot of the laundry gets washed. Unfortunately, this load of laundry that we had to wash was so gigantic, I would say we got to probably about a quarter of it.” Per the previews all the strep issues certainly didn’t stop Bethenny from screaming! 

“I think people were definitely very surprised at the reunion,” she smirks. “I was just… it was all out there.” Because Bethenny’s business, like Bethenny’s life is more special than anyone else’s! 

Bethenny erupted when “something happened there where my integrity was questioned in a situation that’s precious to me, and I definitely ‘went in’ to say the least.” Of course BETHENNY’s integrity being questioned is a big giant no-no – she has license to eviscerate anyone she wants with her baseless, cruel accusations, but how dare anyone suggest that she be upheld to the same standards!

I’m an open book, looking at a pile of closed books,” she complains. “It’s not for me to just go out and air everybody’s dirty laundry.” Come again? According to Bethenny she has “no indiscretions.” Is her hair on straight? 

Post-reunion Bethenny’s relationships with the other women are, “Good with some, decent with others, and non-existent with a few people.” 

She says “each and every” argument she engaged in was with “someone coming for my business.” Bethenny reminds us that John accused her of stealing the name Skinnygirl, Luann tried to take credit for being part of its creation, and Sonja Morgan created drama with Tipsy Girl

Still, she maintains a “no regrets” policy about how she behaved, because she was protecting Skinnygirl. “I’m a very savvy businesswoman. I do not mince words and I don’t tolerate people screwing around with my business,” Bethenny explains, “so you come for me when you were not invited your ass is gonna get asked to leave.” 

Of her argument with Sonja, Bethenny is most annoyed. “Copying someone without mentioning it while on the same cast while you are their mentor… And also that same cast member reached out to Gloria Allred to sue me… It’s not to be tolerated.” 

Of course Bethenny and Luann’s issues took on a life of their own when Tom entered into the picture. “I can’t explain my feelings about it. Part of me felt confused and part of me felt bad. I had a multitude of emotions,” she describes to E! News. “Luann and I have had a very tumultuous relationship and it’s had its ups and downs. Definitely, it’s a circus of emotions.”

“I’m happy that the show is a success because I took the show very seriously,” Bethenny adds. “It’s definitely been challenging, so we’ll see what happens.”

With that, Bethenny acknowledges, again, that she is uncertain about her future with Real Housewives Of New York.

“I’ve been detached,” she continues. “I’m proud of the fact that the show is real; that it’s true. It’s just been taxing. My life has changed in other ways. Other things have been positive and opened up in a good way, so then it makes negativity seem really bad. And I have a daughter, so as a mother sometimes you question some of the things going on on the show.” 

This woman is the biggest hypocrite alive – Bethenny brought all the negativity this season and most of the ‘questionable behaviors’ were hers! 


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