Luann de Lesseps Says Bethenny Frankel’s Handling Of Tom’s Cheating Was Self-Serving And Disgusting!

Luann de Lesseps on WWHL

Luann de Lesseps is fighting mad that Bethenny Frankel exposed Tom D’Agostino’s cheating to all and sundry before speaking to her directly. As a result Luann maintains there is no chance she’ll ever have a relationship with her Real Housewives Of New York co-star again! 

Reacting to the season finale, Luann takes serious issue with Bethenny’s “terrible” handling of the incriminating information and wonders just what her motives were for sharing with the other women and Bravo cameras before ever approaching Luann. Fair questions, indeed, which Luann promises are brought up during the upcoming reunion. 


Appearing in People Magazine – big leagues – Luann does not hold back, and taking a page from the Bethenny’s own playbook calls her, among other things, “disgusting,” a “media whore” and “self-serving.” Well, you know… the truth hurts!

Bethenny didn’t handle this as a friend,” Luann seethes. “It was the most brutal thing to do. A good friend wouldn’t confront me on television. That was someone who was trying to put themselves in the limelight.” 

She should’ve talked to me first,” Luann continues. “Not the other women, not tried to call Tom, but talk to me. I find that very bizarre. It’s terrible. That’s not somebody who has your best interest in mind – that’s someone who has their own agenda. [They] don’t have my back.” 

Instead Bethenny behaved “like the cat who got the canary” over the information. 

Luann also calls out Bethenny for “investigative reporting” before confronting her. “Not only does she have a picture – she calls the hotel [and] she’s got this timestamp,” gasps Luann. “And she digs and digs and digs for this information and then tells the other women without telling me? It’s disgusting.” 

Per Luann if Bethenny really needed to confide in someone, as Bethenny said, “She could have went to Dorinda,” a mutual friend, instead of Carole Radziwill. “Her handling of the situation – and I go over this at the reunion – was terrible.” 

As for Bethenny’s accusation that Luann is more focused on what people think than Tom’s betrayal, Luann is insistent that’s not the case at all! “It’s my story to share,” she says of her excitement over the engagement. 

Bethenny said I fell in love with the attention she’s spent her whole career getting. Who got married on TV?” snaps Luann. “Who treated their husband like s— on TV? Who’s been trying to get divorced for longer than she’s been married? She’s the biggest media whore that ever lived. And she talks about me?”

Of Bethenny’s so-called deep-rooted issues with her, Luann quips, “It’s not authentic. It’s made for television. And that’s what she is.”  

“I think she’s just an unhappy person. I find her very negative,” adds Luann.  “If she’s not going after me, she’s going after Sonja, Dorinda and John, or Jules. It’s one person to the next.” 

Naturally Bethenny is not invited to Luann and Tom’s NYE wedding (the horror!) She is actually officially banned. “It’s hard to invite people that tried to do you harm,” Luann explains.  

Luann goes on to insist Tom’s cheating “wasn’t premeditated,” and after thinking carefully about it, decided to give him another chance. “He did the wrong thing and he totally recognizes that. He felt awful and begged for my forgiveness.” 

I feel bad for LuannTom is terrible and she can do better. Luann has finally seen Bethenny’s true colors – hopefully she’ll start to see Tom’s as well! 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]