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Bethenny Frankel Discusses The Physical Stress Of Divorce & Why Real Housewives Of New York Is Successful

I am ecstatic that Real Housewives of New York is back. Thankfully a new season means the cast members are doing lots of promotional interviews and sharing some interesting info, and we all know how much the RHONY ladies love to chat, especially Bethenny Frankel.

Bethenny has an opinion on pretty much everything and she always has a lot to say. And yes, this still includes discussing her divorce from Jason Hoppy.


Bethenny had the longest divorce in history, so I don’t blame her for physically manifesting her stress. In an interview with Dr. Oz, Bethenny revealed, “My hair was thinning. I had black circles under my eyes. I wasn’t sleeping well. I was depressed, lonely, and hopeless. It felt endless and so many things happened.”

“And you don’t realize, we all strive for balance, I think, whether it’s sleep or motherhood or work or trying to be a good wife,” she added, “and I think that I didn’t realize how not balanced I was until I now feel balanced.”

It’s refreshing to see Bethenny being so vulnerable. She’s a little more feisty on Real Housewives of New York, but that’s probably why so many people love the show.

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Bethenny explained why that is: “Well, there are different cities that have Real Housewives shows and some are very glamorous where you see the big houses and the jewelry and other ones where it’s crazy drama, rip each other’s weaves out. And we, you know, we kind of get into a lot of serious women’s issues and what I do appreciate about my cast is that they are willing to bare it all about divorce, infidelity, menopause, like, things that you discuss on this show.” The NYC ladies definitely lay it all out there, that’s for sure.

She also said, “I mean, and so I like that. It comes off sometimes gritty and tragic, but I like that they’re really going raw and more so than ever now. We’re older, you know, so we’re dealing with different issues.”

Aside from the show and her businesses, Bethenny discussed the charitable efforts that are important to her: “Well, you know, obviously, my daughter. I talk about her a lot. And that is just – it’s just fun to plan activities with her. But I’m passionate about my new charity, which is called Be Strong. I’ve worked with Dress For Success for years and I helped women to get jobs and inspire other women. But within Dress for Success, I’ve launched a charity called Be Strong for women in crisis.”

Say what you want about Bethenny, but she really does do a lot and she has been through a great deal of trauma.


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