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Phaedra Parks Questions Kenya Moore’s Refusal To Pray With Her; Is She Over The Show?

Before this Real Housewives of Atlanta season started, I felt like the show had the right cast. I couldn’t see any of these ladies getting the boot, especially Phaedra Parks. She’s a shade-throwing assassin, she has the cutest kids, she got burned by her husband, she wears racy outfits, she’s charitable. Basically she has all of the elements that make for a compelling Housewife, but am I the only one who feels like this four part reunion is her swan song?

She told some major lies this year and didn’t have to own any of her actions the entire season since Porsha Williams covered for her the entire time. Phaedra owes her a muffin basket or something to convey her gratitude. Nevertheless, now that all of the episodes have aired, Andy Cohen and her costars will be pushing Phaedra to present some receipts. Unfortunately, it does not seem like she actually has any and she might be totally screwed.


Is Phaedra done with the show? If she’s not done, she sure seems like she’s over it these days. Aside from the lack of Real Housewives-related social media activity, she has really been phoning it in with her last few Bravo blogs.

To paraphrase the one and only Erika Jayne, “How many f-cks does she give? None, not one, zero, zero, zero, done.”

When asked about her thoughts going into the reunion, Phaedra said, “There is always a level of anxiety before the reunion. Much like the first day of school, you don’t know what to expect; you hope for the best but anticipate the worst.”

Really? That’s it?

Phaedra could have mentioned that she was nervous to see Kandi Burruss after the nasty demise of their friendship. And she made zero comments about her murky divorce status. Listen, I imagine that watching conversations you had months ago with people you cannot stand has to be tough, but she could have defended herself in some way. She just seems very indifferent.

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This season was the least flattering for Phaedra to date, but she also did a lot of good things this year. She raised money and awareness to help kids affected by the Flint Water crisis. “We continue to work and support the Flint, Michigan community. I am excited to announce the Phaedra Foundation is launching its summer camp program in Atlanta.”

Phaedra taught her young sons about the importance of giving back and even united the cast at the fundraising event.But is that enough for the viewers to overcome Phaedra’s lies about her divorce and Kandi’s marriage? It might not be.

Even though Phaedra did not seem into that blog, she did take the chance to shade Kenya Moore for old time’s sake. She declared, “As a Christian, I’m always open to a prayer request, however, Kenya’s decision to not want to pray just shows you where her heart lies.” Yeah, but Phaedra got a way worse edit than Kenya this year. Prayer or no prayer, that’s just the sad truth.

Obviously I’m just speculating about Phaedra’s future on the show. I doubt the casting decisions for next year have even been made yet considering that the season is still airing, but she does seem removed from it all. I don’t blame her considering that she bound to get dragged for the rest of the reunion. But the lack of enthusiasm in the blogs and on social media on top of the rumors that Phaedra was already fired has me feeling suspicious.


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