If you watch Real Housewives of New York – which I assume you do, since you’re reading this – you are a well-aware that Ramona Singer never holds back when it comes to sharing her opinions. She has been a cast member on the show since the very beginning and it is for good reason. Love her or hate her, she always provides solid material.

After spending Season 8 as the self-appointed peacemaker, Ramona is back in the thick of the drama this year and she’s ready to take on Bethenny Frankel – which is a tough task for any human being to take on. Ramona isn’t backing down though. And it looks like there’s another explosive season ahead.


Ramona was not at all shy when she stopped by Olivia Caridi’s Mouthing Off podcast. Right off the bat, Ramona was throwing shade. Olivia asked her what her about the secret to lasting ten years on the show. Ramona declared, “Well, I think the reason why I’m the only OG is that I’m me. The cameras can tell when you lie and the audience will know. You have to be real and you have to be true to yourself and that’s what I am.”

Why do I consider that to be shade? Luann de Lesseps has been on the show just as long as Ramona has. Sure, she got downgraded to a “Friend of the Housewives” one season, but she was in pretty much every episode.

Of course Olivia addressed the incident where Ramona brought up Bethenny’s daughter in a conversation about Bethenny’s “soft porn” past. Ramona maintains, “I was trying to relate to her mommy to mommy and she just turned it all around.” That may be true, but it definitely came off poorly.

Ramona continued, “Instead, I thought she got very defensive, became like a pit bull. She looked at it like I was trying to mommy shame or embarrass her. That was the last thing I would want to do. I give a lot of credit to Bethenny. She and I are both self-made.” And of course Ramona brought the conversation back to herself. Still, Ramona insisted, “I was not talking about her daughter. I was just saying ‘How are you handling it? What’s going on with you?'”

Olivia asked how Ramona and Bethenny were these days. Ramona warned, “As you watch the season, you’ll see the things get from bad to worse to terrible.” Yikes. I feel bad for them, but at least it should be an exciting season. Hopefully.

Olivia was just begging for Ramona to shade Bethenny when she asked for “pieces of advice to be Bethenny’s friend.” And Ramona definitely delivered. “Never question her. Bethenny can be very engaging, fun, and witty. Those are the qualities I adore about her and she’s very bright, but she doesn’t like to be challenged. Never challenge Bethenny. Never bring up anything she doesn’t bring up first. That could be taken the wrong way.”

The shade spread to Carole Radziwill as well. Ramona added, “That’s part of the deal. That’s why she and Carole are such good friends. Carole never challenges her.” Damn.

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Later, Ramona said, “Bethenny is like a cat. You don’t know if she’s going to scratch your eyes out our purr next to you.” Meow. She also claimed, “Everyone’s scared of Bethenny, but Bethenny doesn’t know it. They all come to me.  Even the first season, Jill [Zarin] was scared of her.”

Annoyingly enough, Jill is trying her best to creep back into relevancy this season, but Ramona is so not here for it. She declared, “This is the type of person Jill is: she’ll do anything for press and notoriety.” No news there. That’s been pretty clear for a while now.

Ramona told a pretty disturbing anecdote about how Jill told the press that Ramona’s ex husband Mario Singer “hit and attacked her.” She revealed, “So I go to Bobby [Zarin] and say ‘Why is your wife lying and making up stories?’ And he goes ‘Well, that’s good TV.’ That’s Jill in a nutshell. And I’ll never say anything like that about her again. First and last time ever. I promise.”

Considering that Jill‘s appearance still hasn’t aired, I doubt that this is the last time Ramona will speak about her, but I guess we shall see.

Aside from hating on Bethenny, Ramona actually did have some nice things to say about some of her costars. When Olivia asked her to name her “go-to girl this season,” Ramona said, “Dorinda [Medley] and Sonja [Morgan].” She shared, “You know what I like about them? They’re warm. They’re honest. They’re real. They’re genuine. They can get angry, but then they get over it. They don’t hold grudges.” And then she finished off that answer with the most Ramona statement ever: “Life is about not holding grudges and I think that’s the reason why I look so good: I don’t hold grudges.”

Ramona gave me some hope for the season when she declared, “I think Season 9 is probably the best season since Season 1.” Season 8 was actually pretty epic. I am afraid that it will be hard to follow up. Still, Ramona explained, “The reason why is we fight like really bad, but we make up in a certain way and we all do bottom line respect each and every one of us. We have fun. We are girls out there to have fun. We all love hard, work hard, fight hard, play hard, and make up hard. It’s going to be an entertaining season.” It has been a little blah so far, but I have high hopes.


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