I’m all for using reality TV to do something significant and spread awareness for causes that matter. With that said, I also have to admit that the last Real Housewives of New York episode was rather forgettable. As far as the story lines go, pretty much nothing happened. Again, I want to emphasize that I think it’s great that the whole cast was genuinely charitable, but the episode itself was just a little blah. Nevertheless, Bethenny Frankel had some interesting things to say about Ramona Singer after the episode aired.

Of course I’m happy that there wasn’t actually a scandal disrupting a charity event, but maybe there could have been a hook up or some humorous quotes to get me through the episode? Is that asking for too much? Apparently so.


Bethenny talked about the start of her B Strong charity in her latest Bravo blog entry. She wrote, “To launch #BStrong my charity for women in crisis is an honor and a gift that I hope to share with women who cannot help themselves. We are just getting started.” Good for her. It’s nice to see Bethenny using her Real Housewives platform to do some good in the world.

The one interesting thing about this event was that Bethenny’s boyfriend(?) Dennis Shields was present for a hot second. Bethenny shared, “My dear friend Carole [Radziwill] was kind enough to donate $1,000 that morning and Dennis was so generous to donate $10,000. I’m sure many of you want to know about the mystery man.” Yes. The fandom has many questions, but all Bethenny revealed was “He is a good person and has been a friend for decades that I care about very much.” As a friend? More than just a friend? What’s the deal, B?

Bethenny declared, “At the moment, I am not in a relationship by choice. I really choose to spend my time with my daughter and working on passion projects such as this very important charity.”

I thought that maybe it would have been awkward for Bethenny to be in the same room with Tom D’Agostino after she infamously revealed his Regency make out session last season, but even that went well. Bethenny said, “The Tom thing was fine. Luann [de Lesseps] is right that he just moved to the next topic. Who could blame him? They are getting married, he has made his share of mistakes, but I wish her the very best. I hope this really works out.” I guess we shall see…

It’s clear that Bethenny vs. Luann is so last season. Of course, the major beef of this season is between Bethenny and Ramona Singer. Still, when I say “beef,” that might not be the right word since Bethenny just wants nothing to do with her and there’s no real back and forth between them, but I’m sure there’s a showdown coming at some point this season. Otherwise, I would be severely disappointed.

Bethenny explained, “As I told Dorinda [Medley], if something or someone isn’t working in your life, remove it. Ramona doesn’t work in my life, so this relationship has shifted. I wish her all the happiness in the world.”

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