Stassi Schroeder And Patrick Meagher Reconcile! Will He Appear On Vanderpump Rules Next Season?

Just when you thought it was safe to hand Stassi Schroeder her official Vanderpump Rules spinster papers, she goes and screws up the storyline reconciles with her old boyfriend! Yes, Stassi and ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher are an item again.

She can hang up that Steve Jobs turtleneck swimsuit, stop bemoaning her single gal fate to engaged and married friends far and wide – because Stassi is back in a relationship, people! And this time, it looks like we may get to see it play out on camera. According to rumors, Patrick is finally willing to film with Stassi on Pump Rules – a drastic shift from his previous stance on the matter. (Is this, perhaps, why they’re back together? Hmm? Rekindled Relationships by Bravo!)


Though Stassi didn’t expand on the why’s or how’s of their reconciliation, she did post the above photo on Instagram Monday night with the simple caption, “Back again” followed by three hearts. Stassi’s followers heaped on the encouragement, commenting “So happy for you!” and “You are such a beautiful couple! Do not listen to haters-only you know what is right.”

This outpouring of support is likely a welcome change of pace from the negative backlash Stassi received last season. Backlash which, Stassi said, made her “suicidal.” After engaging in what some dubbed as mean girl behavior, the internet dragged Stassi…HARD. She responded in a tweet, “Suicidal thanks to you tweeters. Please stop.” She later blamed editing for casting her in an unfair light, which led to ramped up online hate.

So, Stassi changing her relationship status from “single” back to “in a relationship” might be just what the reality TV doctor ordered! At the very least, she can finally quit arranging those lingerie photo shoots, and put a stop to Kristen Doute writing her Tinder profile.

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After her breakup with Patrick last summer, Stassi word vomited explained her side of the story on her podcast: “He thinks I’m selfish, I think he’s judgmental. Then it just escalates…I’m trying to remember why it was the best decision for us to break up. We argue all the time…I feel like I’m exposing myself by giving too many details. I feel like I’m word vomiting all over the place…it’s not about getting rid of Patrick, it’s about getting rid of this routine. We fight all the time.”

The couple’s estrangement played out on Pump Rules, with Stassi bemoaning her single status pretty much nonstop. Now that they’re back together, it will be interesting to see how their dynamic plays out on the show. And how the rest of the Pump Rules gang, who are notorious for hazing newbies, will treat Patrick.


Photo Credit: Instagram