Stassi Schroeder is licking her wounds after a few tumultuous episodes of Vanderpump Rules and opening up to Theo Von (ex of the illustrious Brandi Glanville) on his podcast “Allegedly.”

Stassi dishes on all the Vanderpump Rules drama, including that she’s so upset over the editing of the last couple episodes that she’s considering quitting the show, her issues with Lisa Vanderpump, and a whole lot about her personal life.

Stassi admits she’s headed to Cabo with some of her castmates to be the “seventh wheel” on a couples trip, because she’s vowed to stay single for an entire year. She’s presently just ‘dating’ on many apps, which she hates.


She’s “six months in” to the year. “I’ve always gone from relationship to relationship. I’m trying to break that pattern. This is the first time I’ve been single as an adult and a professional. It’s been a whole different experience and I’m liking it.” She’s a professional? At what exactly?

After getting kicked off the celebrity dating app Raya, Stassi is back on it and dishes that Ryan Lochte (now married and expecting a baby) once hit on her on by saying only, “Hey.” Stassi dubs him “the most stupid person ever,” and snaps, “I wouldn’t respond to Jesus if he said ‘Hey!'”

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According to Stassi‘s mother, her issues with men are because she’s “not feminine enough.” Stassi blames social media and the internet for making dating in L.A. “impossible” because there are too many Lala Kents distractions for guys.

Stassi also confirms that she was the third wheel on Katie and Tom‘s honeymoon in Bora Bora. “They were there for a week and I got a text from them and they said, ‘We have a few days left – just come!’ So I bought a ticket. I went that day and I was staying longer after they left. I didn’t realize Bora Bora is a place that you don’t go if you’re single.”

While third-wheeling, Stassi got propositioned for a threesome by another couple. She almost considered! “Katie, on the last day she was there, we met like 3 other couples and she got drunk enough to be like, ‘Stassi’s never done a threesome.’ I’ve always said if I did a threesome, I’d have to be the guest star … and one of [the couples] got my number, and I could tell that they were like ‘the type’ and they messaged me the next day, but Katie and Tom had already left and I just felt like … I didn’t want to be murdered, so I didn’t… [laughs]. I was intrigued! I’d have to be like totally hammered.”

Which brings us to discussing Stassi’s infamous solo sex tape. She confirms ‘the guy’ was her season one boyfriend Frank. Then she opens up about Lisa’s involvement in the situation and why it destroyed their relationship.

Stassi made the tape post-season one, a mistake she would never make now. “I wasn’t thinking of myself as somebody who would be famous enough to where… I wasn’t there yet. I was in a long-distance relationship.”

“Like a year later, he tried selling it, like, everywhere. TMZ and all of those places, everyone in those offices saw it, everyone at SUR saw it. It was the worst; I wanted to commit suicide,” reveals Stassi. “I can laugh at it now, cause I think it was like three years ago. And I like to call him out – his name’s Frank Herlihy. The first three years I didn’t call him out – I was too scared he would do something to me, because he would show up at my apartment. It was really scary.” Her podcast listeners have spotted him on the dating app Bumble and messaged him “#TeamStassi.”

Stassi describes Lisa’s involvement as a “convoluted story.”

“So, first of all, I was only worth $900! He was asking for $900! Like what the actual f–k! I had just moved to NY so I wasn’t in L.A. to deal with this, I mean I would deal with it with my lawyers, but I was never around him, and he would come to SUR and ask for it. So [Lisa] gave him $900 cash without him signing anything, like no, record of that, and I’m like WTF! And then she told everybody how she paid for it.”

Stassi implies Lisa “did it” so she could use it against her. “Or, that’s what it felt like.” In retrospect, she’s “sure” Lisa’s intentions were actually genuine. “She’d have to be a terrorist, to not have some [genuine intentions].” Stassi has since made “damn sure” the tape will never be made public.

Presently, Stassi’s claims her relationship with Lisa gets “better every time I see her.”

“It’s not back to where it was when I did work at SUR,” she explains, “but there are a lot of things that I admire about her and that’s what I focus on when I’m around her.” Stassi doesn’t feel she has to “be nice” to Lisa in order to keep her job on Vanderpump Rules. “I’ve been an asshole to her plenty of times, but I should be nice to her for that reason,” she acknowledges.

Speaking of recent drama on the show, Stassi is “still processing” the reactions she’s receiving on social media over her behavior towards Scheana Marie during the last few episodes.

Stassi is furious over the editing and blames producers for manipulation. “I know I got drunk and I fought with that person. I get that – and this is what our job is – but it feels different right now,” she complains. “Normally I can handle people telling me to go kill myself, but that’s because I feel like I deserved it. I don’t feel like last night’s episode was an accurate depiction of what happened.”

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“I’ve been that reality TV villain, and I’ve had people say awful things, and I’ve had people not like me based on what they saw on TV and I handled it. This time, I felt like the episode – I’m gonna get in major trouble for this – but I just don’t feel like it was edited fairly,” accuses Stassi. “I’m just like, ‘Why? This is not how it went down. This is not what I’m trying to convey and you guys knew that,’ and so I feel like people are seeing like .002% of what I feel happened. So, after that airing and having people say the worst things to me – I mean the WORST – I mean disgusting, specific things online, I was just like, ‘F–k this!'”

“It’s alarming, like, how a stranger could be so affected by what they see on TV and think that 100% everything I am is just wrapped up into that one scene,” Stassi adds. “It’s bizarre and it makes me, like, scared, for, like, our future with social media because it’s only gonna get worse.”

“It just made me more mad,” she continues, “like do I want to do this job? Do I want to do this again? My producers had to come over last night, and come wake me up in the morning to bring me to go film today, because I was, yeah, no… it was not good.”

Stassi “doesn’t trust” her producers anymore thanks to the unfavorable editing. “I tried threatening them,” she admits. “I said, ‘This is making me not want to do my job properly. Like what you guys ask of me is to just be as authentic as I possibly can and to live my life on camera as much as I can.’ I think I’m going to change and when the cameras start rolling be like, ‘I just want everyone to get along.’ Like is that what you want? Cause you’re not gonna have a show! There has to be some fairness in it.” (Meaning fairness between what happened and how it’s edited and depicted on TV).

Um, Stassi, I think that’s exactly what producers want you to feel. Very well-placed rumors are swirling that producers/Bravo are trying to force the majority of the ‘originals’ off the show and were planning to replace them with younger cast members who actually work at SUR, and the vets tried to retaliate by focusing Lala and James out. Well, revenge – served icy hot!

Stassi clarifies that she doesn’t think she’ll follow-through with her threat, however. “I think that’s why I’m good at reality TV – I can’t really change that about myself.”

“I think I’m a good person – I really do. I like to embrace the villain thing most of the time because it’s fun,” Stassi says. “On camera, I’m assertive, I’m strong, I say what I think, and I mean what I say.” She insists that in real life, when people meet her, they realize she’s really nice and not at all bitchy.

Moving on to other tidbits:

Where Stassi hopes to be post-reality TV: “I want to be the female Howard Stern. I love doing a podcast, I love doing radio. I think I’m really good at it. I really, truly think I was meant to use my personality as a tool – like in a career.”

Stassi makes money through her podcast sponsors. She also confirms the obvious that her statement necklace collection is no more. “It was just a capsule collection,” she defends. Stassi still occasionally designs jewelry with her mom.

Vanderpump Rules salaries: “The first two years you get nothing. The first two years is like you’re pretty much paying to be on a show. Once you get the third year, it changes. Everything is completely different. Like I remember getting my first big check from season 3. I had never seen a check like that. I think I went to Zara and only spent $500, but my card still declined, because it was like, ‘What are you doing?!'”

Stassi still pays for her food when she eats at SUR – even when it’s filmed for the show. HA.

On Kristen and Brittany hooking up: “I personally think where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so I think yes.”

Scheana’s divorce from Shay: “I’ve never been more proud of her. The way that she’s handled everything is just super admirable. She’s better off for it.”

On Lala allegedly having a married boyfriend: “I’ve never met him. I know who he is. I don’t know what I’m allowed to tell – like what’s gonna come out on the show.”

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On salvaging her friendships with Katie and Kristen: “I felt like it was an actual relationship, where if you want the relationship bad enough, you have to put in the work to make it good. That’s what we did. I’m so happy with the way everything’s turned out. I couldn’t be happier to have them as my friends.”

On Katie using the Orlando shooting as an excuse to skip Pride at SUR: “I can’t believe anyone would even ask that. We were all supposed to go film. Before we even had a show that was like our favorite day of the year at SUR. I woke up that morning and I had all these missed calls from my mom, and I checked the news, and my mom begged me not to go. We were all calling our producers like, ‘What do we do?’ I was terrified.” The producers ultimately said the cast could decide for themselves.

Despite avoiding SUR, Stassi still wanted to talk about the Orlando shooting, “So we all went to Katie’s. It was very real and very emotional.”

On Lisa and Ken’s marriage: “They have this shtick that they don’t have sex, and I think it’s fake. I think they get it on more than most of us. I feel like people who joke about things, it’s never true.” Stassi laughs that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if Ken and Lisa have three-ways.

On Jennifer Lawrence naming Stassi as her celebrity crush: “Maybe I would be a lesbian for her.”

Lastly, Stassi maintains that last season’s storyline of her living on Kristen’s couch was real. She actually was broke with bad credit, which is “getting better.” She also giggles about Kristen’s new teeth and (unconvincingly) declares them “great!”

You can listen to Stassi‘s complete interview with Allegedly by clicking here.


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