Tinsley Mortimer Doesn’t Know Where She Stands With Sonja Morgan

Usually, I live for everything Sonja Morgan does on Real Housewives of New York. Even with all of her stories that don’t quite add up, I’ve always loved how she was able to be entertaining without being mean. That’s why I am so confused by her relationship with Tinsley Mortimer.

Obviously Tinsley owes Sonja for being her link to this show and for letting her live in the infamous townhouse, but I am just so thrown off by their dynamic. Sonja doesn’t want Tinsley hanging out with “her” friends, but then she’s sending her off to events on her own instead of clinging to her. Sonja has always been my girl (in my head, anyway), so I hope she’s not playing some low key mean girl games with Tinsley.


When it comes to Sonja, I would be pretty perplexed if I were Tinsley. The newest RHONY cast member shared her thoughts in a Bravo blog entry.

Before getting to the Sonja stuff, Tinsley admitted, “Believe it or not, I actually think  gave me some great tips to attract men at Beautique.  I’m not soon going to forget the coy sideways glance while sipping my drink through a straw…very coquettish.  It’s always fun getting to know friends better, and I definitely enjoyed being with Ramona and spending some time with Sonja outside of the townhouse. It was a super fun girls’ night out!” It sure looked fun. Tinsley made out with Chad who we can all agree is pretty hot.

Unfortunately people are giving her shit for hooking up with the young hottie instead of just letting her enjoy her life. Tinsley wrote, “Let’s make this clear: I get it that a 23-year-old is definitely NOT ON THE LIST. But what’s wrong with a little flirting practice with a cute boy? I know Sonja was trying to help, but PUHLEEZ!  I’ve just come from a pretty dark place in Palm Beach, so let me have a little fun!” Sonja was the last person that I expected to judge a friend for hooking up with a younger dude. What is going on? I figured Sonja would be getting with Chad’s friend during a double date or something, but she’s just hating on Tinsley.

Tinsley complained, “Yes, I’m a big girl, and I can go out by myself, but I thought Sonja was being a little snarky sending me on my own to Dorinda’s [Medley] charity event. I really do not know these girls that well, and I haven’t been going out to events for a while. I’ve just moved back to New York, and I still feel a little unsure about myself. I’m just unclear whether Sonja is trying to be helpful and have me learn the ropes or just trying to confuse me with her behavior. I’m definitely missing something here.” Same. This is so unlike Sonja. She is usually the sweetest, most welcoming person in the cast. What is going on?

Tinsley said, “I don’t know where we stand…Am I a friend, a sister or her second daughter?! Maybe she really does have my best interests at heart. Let’s just hope I can figure this out soon before our friendship totally falls apart!” Well, that last part doesn’t bode too well. It looks like we are in for at least one Tinsley vs. Sonja argument.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]