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After tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador were guests on Watch What Happens Live.  They bashed Vicki Gunvalson for her lying ways, defended their actions on the Ireland trip and more.

Andy, Shannon and Tamra agree that the RHOC reunion taping was epic and share that a lot of things come to light.

Eddie Judge and David Beador are in the audience and are asked to share their thoughts on Vicki’s accusations about both of them. David says, “I regretted calling Vicki a pig, but her lies just continue to reinforce that she is one.”  Eddie says, “personally, it goes in one ear and out the other. Whatever she says doesn’t mean anything to me because she doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Andy asks if Heather Dubrow is a puppet master and both Shannon and Tamra say no.

They play a hilarious montage of Vicki’s delusional view of the trip once she got home (calling it amazing and wonderful), while playing clips of the hellish fights that actually happened.  Tamra laughs and says “just call her Cleopatra, queen of denial.”

When asked who was more at fault for the rumors about David and Eddie – Vicki for saying or Kelly for repeating, Shannon says it’s even, but then says “Vicki’s worse by a little bit.”

Andy plays footage of Kelly saying she doesn’t want to drink and Shannon ignoring it and getting her drinks anyway. Andy then reads a few Tweets from people who were appalled at Shannon for doing what she did with the tequila and then doubling Kelly’s drink. Shannon defended herself, “First of all, I doubled everybody’s drinks because a single was *this much* (shows a tiny amount). Kelly talked that entire day about wanting to go out that night. All of the sudden she showed up completely tired but during the trip she told us tequila was an upper, so I ordered tequila for the entire table, it was not just singling out Kelly. And she’s a big girl! Don’t drink it then! She said earlier that day at the picnic, ‘I just want to pace myself.'”  Shannon says Kelly should’ve just said no. “Vicki was pouring drinks down everybody’s throat the day before, nobody’s jumping on her ass.”


Tamra jumps in and says, “What you didn’t see is Shannon was also ordering drinks for me. You see at one point she says ‘4 drinks’, there were only four of us and I wasn’t drinking.” Shannon finishes for Tamra and says “I wanted everybody to have fun!”

Tamra admits that her dinner with Kelly Dodd was constructive. “It was. From where we left off, let’s face it, it was in a bad place. When we met she was nice.”

Andy shares how shocked he is that Tamra has become the voice of reason the show this season.  They attribute part of that to Tamra not drinking. She admits that she’s not a good drunk.

Do they regret any words or actions from the tequila dinner or do they stand by it all? Tamra says she watched and didn’t know any of that was happening. Shannon says she was just drinking and having fun.

Does Tamra think it was very Christian of her to scream ‘eff you’ in Vicki’s face? “No, it wasn’t very Christian, but Christians make mistakes and I’m not perfect.” Shannon thinks it was justified, but Tamra owns it.

A caller argues with Tamra about Eddie possibly being gay. The caller is convinced that since Eddie is a hot guy who works out and looks good, he might be gay. It was an odd conversation but the bottom line is that Tamra feels Vicki put those rumors out there. She also thinks part of it has to do with Vicki dating Brooks. “Vicki dated Brooks and he was a bad guy, so she went after all of our husbands. She didn’t just go after Eddie and David. She went after Jim, she went after Terry. She went after everybody, you just didn’t see it.”

A caller with a sweet southern drawl was pretty shady at Shannon about her inability to let things go and couldn’t she just let go like Tamra does? Shannon sniped back, “I have forgiven and I’ve actually spoke to the pastor at our church and forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to let them back in your life. Actually it’s a smart thing not bringing someone who continually lies. And now Vicki’s put an allegation out there about my husband that is a criminal act and that is horrendous. So, I am happy with the decision I made. Doesn’t mean I’m not letting go. I’m a kind person.”

Tamra says Ryan and Sarah are doing really well right now. Ryan is working during the day and taking college classes at night and Sarah is working two jobs and things are good.

A viewer asks if it was true that David took his mistress out to eat with his family? Shannon says “NO.” Tamra says it’s another lie. Shannon says that David’s mother has never met the mistress.

Someone asks Tamra if Vicki is jealous of her. “I just think she’s super insecure and jealous of anyone that has a really good life. She sees Eddie and I as a solid couple and she wants that.”

On the After Show:

They (Shannon and Tamra) want Vicki to take a lie detector test but they know she won’t and then she’d threaten to sue. Andy says they never do lie detectors at the reunion because it would take up hours and hours.

Tamra thinks Vicki finally crossed the line this year by trashing her marriage and there may not be any going back now with their friendship.

Shannon says Kelly isn’t the root of all evil, she just “comes in with vicious comments that will blow your socks off.”

A caller ask if it’s hypocritical of Tamra to freak out about Kelly talking about her daughter when Tamra herself has talked about many co-stars’ children (Slade, Alexis, more).  Tamra says, “I apologize if i spoke about anybody’s kids. My situation is a very sensitive one. It’s about parental alienation. if you’ve ever witnessed it or been a victim of it, you would know it’s a bad thing.”

Tonight’s poll question: who is more at fault: Kelly or Vicki? 77% voted for Vicki.


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