The Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Black Out And Get Out

I’m still reeling from Ramona Singer’s explosion toward Bethenny Frankel at Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires house, so I cannot imagine how Bethenny was feeling after it happened and now that she has watched the episode.

Aside from throwing her legs up in the air, Bethenny kept it cool, considering all of the insults Ramona was hurling her way. Ramona was out of her mind and then she had the audacity to pull the “I don’t remember what I said” card during her on camera interview. Please, girl. No one is buying that.

Bethenny shared her thoughts on the craziness in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “What is there really to say? Ramona speaks for herself. Dorinda is a relaxed, gracious host. I would never tolerate half of what she does in my home.” Who would? Oh right – people who are contractually obligated to invite Ramona to social events.

Bethenny continued, “I finally know how Ramona feels about me and why. I simply didn’t want to sleep under a roof with her. Leaving was my best decision, and Carole [Radziwill] was a great friend to come with me. At Carole’s show, I was happy to hear Ramona wanting to steer clear of me. That would be a good policy for life at this point.”

Well, Ramona can’t ever “steer clear” of Bethenny completely. They are cast members on the same reality show and I’m sure they will be going at it during the reunion.

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Bethenny was happy that Ramona stayed out of her way, but she wasn’t cool with everything Ramona said behind her back, “I also thought Ramona did a great job at completely lying about the events of the previous night. Not one iota of how she recalled our discussion is true.” And then she went for a laugh with this (very accurate) insult: “She sees the world through her crazy Ramona eyes.”

In seemingly happier news, Bethenny was supposedly spotted with a new man in the Hamptons. As of this moment there are no photos or a name for this guy, so who knows if it’s even true or what her relationship is with this person.

According to an article from Page Six, Bethenny was “with a mystery man described as being in his ‘mid- to late-30s.'” How vague. Some “source” also said, “They were super into each other.” Again, vague. More specifically the article notes that “the couple” (an extreme exaggeration at this point) was “laughing and holding hands and played life-size Jenga.”

The best part of the whole article was that the same source made it a point to mention that “they also drank skinny margaritas.” Of course they did.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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