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This Real Housewives of New York season has been pretty lackluster so far, but Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel’s argument in the Berkshires amped up the excitement. Ramona really took things to another level with her outburst of insults. Later she pulled a #TotalHousewivesMove and claimed that she “didn’t remember” whatever she said to Bethenny. Right. As if any of us believe that.

Now that some time has passed, the episode has aired, and people are hating on Ramona, she is defending herself. Not only that, but she’s addressing the destruction she (allegedly) left behind at Dorinda Medley‘s Berkshires house.

Ramona wrote all about the drama in her Bravo blog. Ramona said, “While watching myself back and thinking about all that happened that night at Dorinda’s, I truly know that however I behaved—or as I say reacted—to Bethenny was truly a burst of so many things I have wanted to say.”

There is no doubt that Ramona meant every thing she said to Bethenny.

Ramona continued, “She didn’t even give me an opportunity to explain why I said what I said that night at dinner in the Hamptons. That is so frustrating. So manipulative.”

How was Bethenny refusing to acknowledge Ramona “manipulative”?

Still, Ramona said, “Bethenny really knew that she was going to push my buttons enough for me to react the way I did. What I am most sorry about now is that I let it happen. I should have just been as cold and indifferent the way she was.” Yeah, but that would have made for some boring TV. Ramona’s craziness saved the season. She annoyed Bethenny to no end, but this was definitely the only interesting thing that has happened this year.

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Clearly looking for sympathy, Ramona said, “I did think I had a friendship with Bethenny. It may not have been the perfect friendship, but it was a friendship. I think I missed the signals for sure that she really didn’t care enough ever to be my friend, except when she needed me or needed something from me. She never really cared about us.” And what did this even mean?: “It’s never one-sided, that is for sure, but certainly not jealously. I have no reason to be jealous of her.” Was there a typo there or am I the only one who thinks that first sentence didn’t quite add up? Didn’t she just go on and on about how their relationship is one-sided and then all of a sudden she said “it’s never one-side.”

Ramona continued looking for sympathy: “Then when I watched how she talked about me during her interviews! Wow, yes wow, like really! How mean can she get? She really is a bully. I do not think she realizes what she says to others, nor do I think she really cares. That’s not about being BReal or BStrong. I call it BBully.” Lol at Ramona using Bethenny’s branding strategy to BInsulting. Ramona asserted, “You can’t always play the victim while being the bully.” How was Bethenny being the bully in that conversation?

Ramona addressed the mess she left behind at Dorinda’s house: “In closing, just to clarify something, I did not leave my guest room at Dorinda’s a mess. I actually packed for  Sonja [Morgan] (as you saw). I did make the bed! As far as the paint coming off in the corners of the room, that happened because when I went to go to sleep that night everyone was already asleep. My room was lit up like a football stadium at a night game, because the lights from filming were all still up. I know that in the past the crew uses double-sided tape to put them up, so I just pulled them down. I guess I was stronger than I thought! Therefore, yes, the paint came off the wall. A little freshening up with a new coat of paint never hurt a room!” I don’t know if I buy that excuse.


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