Every year I can’t help feeling bad for Dorinda Medley when the Real Housewives of New York ladies visit her Berkshires house. She is the perfect hostess and the women always behave terribly… which is a major understatement. This year Ramona Singer went bat shit crazy and berated Bethenny Frankel before she wrecked Dorinda’s walls and ripped out the light fixtures.

Not only that but Sonja Morgan decided to wear Dorinda’s pajamas that she had in storage since they were a gift from her late husband. And this was after they started a fire in Dorinda’s nonworking fireplace. Dorinda was the most patient hostess of all time, but they went way too far this time.

Dorinda discussed the shit show of a trip in her Bravo blog. I didn’t even want to read it after seeing how heartbroken Dorinda was during that last episode, but obviously I resisted.

Dorinda asked, “What is really there to say? Every year I hope for the best when it comes to our holiday trip to the Berkshires, but this year was probably the worst yet. I’m still trying to piece it together and get my head around it all.” Same here, Dorinda. Same here.

She continued, “It’s not bad enough that my home was treated like a hangout for a rock concert, but even worse, once again, Bethenny Frankel felt uncomfortable, was treated horribly by Ramona Singer, and had to leave. What’s going on?! This is my home, my legacy from my husband, and I don’t just love it, I CHERISH IT.” Seriously though. I’ve wanted to give Dorinda hug ever since I watched that episode. Poor Dorinda. She really did make it nice and her home got wrecked in return.

I also want to ask Sonja why she thought it was appropriate not to pack pajamas for a weekend trip and then steal Dorinda’s. Dorinda revealed, “I think the final blow was seeing Sonja Morgan in the silk PJ set given to me by my late husband. She just helped herself to it without ever asking for permission. Talk about entitlement. Then Sonja has the nerve to talk poorly about Tinsley Mortimer’s manners?! The whole thing is nutty, bizarre, hurtful, absurd, and delusional. We are grown women, mothers, and wives!”

Dorinda admitted, “I am hoping for an apology from both Ramona and Sonja, but I’m not holding my breath. I am really reevaluating if I should let it all go and let the whole Berkshire trip be a thing of the past. But what’s next? They’ll burn my house down?!” They came close with that fireplace…

I have a feeling that the Berkshires trips are not over since Dorinda did add “Luckily, I have the house back in order and have installed security cameras throughout the house!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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