Let’s keep it real: the first Real Housewives of Dallas season was just so/so. There was way too many arguments focused on charity and that annoying “poop hat.” Other than LeeAnne Locken popping off a few times and giving us the only actual drama, there really wasn’t much that happened. I grew to like some of the cast members, but I was by no means yearning for a Season 2. Still, there is a Season 2 in the works and it looks like good girl Stephanie Hollman is a part of the drama this time around.

Everyone beefing with LeeAnne is pretty much the only thing that has me interested in this upcoming season, but even I have to admit that the recently released video teaser did hook me a little bit. Sure, it’s not at the top of my TV priorities, but I am definitely more intrigued than I ever thought I would be. So maybe there is hope for this Real Housewives installment?

Bravo released a short snippet from Season 2 and I’m curious about what led to this confrontation. It’s a Halloween party at Stephanie’s house and LeeAnne is wearing a “two faced” Cruella de Vil type costume- which you can tell she thought was the most clever and irreverent concept- and apparently she’s dressed “as Stephanie.” That’s a pretty bold move to make in general, let a lone in someone’s home, but then again this is Real Housewives.

They don’t really specify what the beef is about, but Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber are present in the background of this fight so at least we know that they will be back for the new episodes.

And of course LeeAnne pulled a #TotalHousewifeMove bitching about how she wants Stephanie to confront her to her (two) face(s) instead of talking behind her back… even though they are basically contractually obligated to talk behind each other’s backs during those on-camera interviews. I wonder if Stephanie actually wronged LeeAnne or if LeeAnne is just stirring shit up for a story line. Annnddddd I’m hooked. Listen, I knew that I was going to watch every episode of Season 2 whether I like it or not. I’m an admitted Real Housewives addict. Nevertheless, I would much rather watch a show that I’m actually into instead of getting annoyed with myself like I did for most of the show’s first season. Although do I have to say that it got better toward the end.

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[Image: Bravo]