Tinsley Mortimer

To be honest, Tinsley Mortimer is in over her head with the Real Housewives of New York cast. She just seems way too nice and (relatively) normal to survive among the sharks. Then again, this season is so boring, it’s hard to judge how she would be on a RHONY season at its typical caliber.

During the last episode, Tinsley was (finally) looking around at apartments so she can move out of Sonja Morgan’s townhouse. Other than that, she had the misfortune of being cornered by Harry Dubin at Ramona Singer’s party. I have no idea why people are still inviting him to things, but he always brings the drama and it’s much-needed this season.

Tinsley talked about her apartment search in her Bravo blog.

She wrote, “Mom could see I was a bit emotional about it all, and I think she understands that my life has been moving at such a rapid pace for the last year, going in so many different directions and on some difficult paths, that she understands making a decision to officially move into my own place, with all of my furniture stored away in Florida, is unsettling and overwhelming to me.”

Poor, Tinsley. Then again, life could definitely be way worse considering that she is a reality TV star these days.

Tinsley continued, “Since I’ve returned to New York, I find myself overreacting to situations and feeling emotional about the strangest things. I just cannot seem to settle down and feel comfortable again in my life. I think the trauma of what happened in Palm Beach is still too much for me.”

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Moving on to the good stuff, Tinsley recalled, “There were so many exes at that party, I couldn’t keep them all straight.” Welcome to the show, girl. The presence of these exes is pretty standard for the RHONY ladies.

She clarified, “For the record, I am NOT, nor was I ever ‘dating’ Chad. He was a nice friend with whom I could have a couple nice casual dates…period!”

Tinsley even threw a little shade: “At least I didn’t date, marry, or get engaged to Harry Dubin. What were all these beautiful women thinking?! He is a pest! I mean, I like the guy, but only as a friendly acquaintance you may happen to bump into occasionally.”

Finally Tinsley declared her one wish for the rest of the season/in general: “I hope everyone leaves Luann [de Lesseps] alone now and quits trying to stir up trouble. Tom [D’Agostino] and she seem very very happy together, and I am happy for them, but he needs to stop it with that RING bit. It is disrespectful to Luann.”

Yes, it is, but Luann doesn’t seem to care…about that or pretty much anything else he does in public.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]