Dorinda Medley Thinks Ramona Singer Invited Tom D’Agostino’s Ex To Her Party To Hurt Luann de Lesseps

This isn’t saying a lot, but this Real Housewives of New York season isn’t a good look for Ramona Singer. And no, I’m not talking about her high ponytail from the last episode. She has been more irrational and spiteful than ever before. Her latest move? Inviting Tom D’Agostino’s former love interest Missy to her party even though she knew that both Tom and Luann de Lesseps would be in attendance. Is that a coincidence? Dorinda Medley sure doesn’t think so.

After all, Dorinda is the one who introduced Luann and Tom in the first place, so of course she’s going to support the newlyweds. Plus it’s really just ridiculous that Ramona is still trying to push their buttons even though they are legally married.

Dorinda didn’t hold back in her Bravo blog about the last episode. She began “Although it was quite nice to see Ramona’s new digs, I think it was completely overshadowed by the fact she invited Tom’s ex-girlfriend Missy. Was this planned to once again hurt Luann? If I were Missy, I would not have even attended or would have left as soon as I saw Luann and Tom. WTF?” Maybe Ramona just wanted her apartment remodel to get more screen time on the show.

Dorinda continued, “Luann is far more tolerant than I am. I would have confronted Ramona on the spot and left immediately.” If Luann left every event where people were taunting her and Tom, she wouldn’t have been at anything filmed this season.

Ramona wasn’t the only instigator though. The notorious Harry Dubin was there to stir shit up. Dorinda said, “When Harry Dubin pulled Missy aside and asked her unacceptable leading questions about her and Tom’s relationship, my skin crawled. To think, only weeks before he was a guest at their wedding!” Why was Harry invited? Didn’t he (allegedly) get with Luann?

Dorinda declared, “As I keep saying, leave this couple alone! They are married. I do not want be responsible for a couple’s happiness or unhappiness. Karma is a bitch.”

Dorinda also reflected on attending the Women’s March with her daughter and Carole Radziwill. Dorinda recalled, “The Women’s March was incredible. I feel so lucky to have experienced it with both Hannah and Carole. As I stated, this was less about our new President and more about our voice as women. Being empowered, especially as a mother and a woman, is very important to me. I think this is a day Hannah and I will remember forever! I felt absolutely blessed to be part of this important day.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]