Last night was a big night for Bravo viewers. Real Housewives of Orange County returned for its twelfth season and part one of the Southern Charm reunion aired. That’s why it made so much sense for Tamra Judge and Shep Rose to stop by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse to talk with Andy Cohen.

Of course that included Tamra throwing shade at Vicki Gunvalson and Shep showcasing his extensive vocabulary.

Every Bravo fanatic knows that Tamra and Shep are not ones to hold back so the episode did not disappoint. When asked if he ever had sex with Landon Clements, Shep very adamantly stated, “No, we made out.” Good to know.

Tamra was asked about the shade Vicki threw at her business by saying the CUT Fitness parking lot is always empty. Tamra shaded her right back by saying, “Clearly Vicki hasn’t been in the parking lot of a gym in a long time, so she wouldn’t know if it was full or not.”

After watching a clip of Lydia McLaughlin meeting Shannon Beador (and questioning her about Vicki), Tamra said, “I don’t think that Shannon was yelling at her. Multiple times we told Lydia we don’t want to talk about it.” She didn’t stop there though. Tamra explained, “Shannon just met Lydia and she was throwing Vicki in her face and to say ‘You’re just like Vicki’ is like saying ‘You’re just like the devil’ to Shannon.”

Andy said what we were all thinking about Tamra’s appearance: “Talk to me about what’s happening with your face right now.” Tamra said, “It’s my ten year anniversary” referring to her ten years as a Real Housewife. She then admitted, “I had my neck and lower face done fifteen days ago.” Yes, she had a face lift just two weeks ago, but Tamra made it clear that she is not a fan of that terminology when she declared, “Don’t call it a face lift. Call it a comeback.” In weird somewhat related news, Tamra added, “Shannon had foreskin put on her face” for some sort of cosmetic procedure. Wait. What? I would love a clarification on that one, Shannon.

A caller tried to instigate Shep by asking, “What did you think of Landon’s fake tears at the reunion?” Shep didn’t fall for that though. He said, “I think Landon actually feels empathy or sympathy for Kathryn [Dennis]– in that moment she did.” Still, he couldn’t help saying, “They make truce all the time- are they real though? Do they really feel that way or are they trying to ameliorate the situation?” Or maybe Landon was just trying to save face after a rough season and hate from the viewers?

When asked about her relationship with Vicki (again), Tamra shared the strangest anecdote, “Vicki and I aren’t on speaking terms although she did text me not too long ago about the placement of our Bravo gallery. She thought that it was wrong that her and I were sitting down and Shannon and Meghan [Edmonds] were standing up.” What does that even mean? If anything I figured Vicki would come at Tamra for being in the center during the introduction sequence where they all hold oranges.

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Photo Credit: WWHL