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Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Tamra Judge and Odd Mom Out’s Jill Kargman (love that show!) hung out with Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. They joked about Tamra’s dark spray tan against Jill’s bright white skin (Twilight meets Dynasty), Tamra dished on more Vicki Gunvalson drama, a caller tried to get a rise out of her, and so much more.

Andy plays the clip of Vicki sobbing in the limo on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra says, “It’s heartbreaking. I don’t want to see anybody upset and hurting  but you gotta do the right thing. She made zero effort with any of us. The last time I saw her was at the reunion show. She Tweeted saying she apologized to everybody, but she didn’t. So it was an awkward feeling at the boat because she didn’t make an effort, so we didn’t make an effort. When I was in front of her I was very nice to her but she really stayed away from everybody.”

Andy reveals that Tamra came to see his show in Orange County (the one he does with Anderson Cooper) and that she was sitting right by Alexis Bellino. He mentions that Alexis sent that scathing letter about Tamra’s Christianity at last year’s reunion. How did she interact with Alexis that night? “It was really good. It was kind of a nice situation where she sat in front of me and she turned to me and said ‘I didn’t mean to come off bad, I’m really happy for you’ and I feel like there’s a reason for everything, so her sitting in front of me, it was just really sweet.”

When Tamra is asked where her relationship with Vicki stands, she says “with who?” She explains that things got good between them before they got bad. So, as she said in her interview we shared earlier, we’ll see some fun times before it goes to hell again.

Does Tamra think Vicki and Brooks still talk and will possibly get back together? “I can only speculate but I do think they’re still talking and I think it’s a matter of time before they get back together.” She acknowledges that Vicki has a new guy (and for the record says she never touched his crotch) and he seems like a nice guy but says that Vicki doesn’t like the nice guys. “She likes the bad boy.”

A caller asks Tamra if she’s a practicing Christian, why won’t she forgive Vicki? Tamra says to keep watching, we’re only two episodes in. “I do believe in forgiveness, we just haven’t gotten there yet.”

Does she think Shannon and David are acting or truly getting along? “Eddie and I are super close to Shannon and David. I think they’re taking a bad situation and trying to make the best of it. They’ve been married a long time, they have three beautiful girls, they’re amazing people and I think they are happy. David is a good husband.”

After Show:

Tamra’s first impression of Kelly: “That she was fun, she was a little bit out there and I was a little bit scared but she’s still kinda fun.”

A caller goes in on Tamra, calling her and Vicki mean girls for how they treated “poor Gretchen” back in the day and for always getting on Slade about his back support he owed. Tamra asks for specific examples but the caller couldn’t come up with a specific incident, just kept telling her that she was probably just jealous that Gretchen was prettier than her. Tamra kept her cool and just talked rationally to the caller – definitely a new side of Tamra!

Andy asks Tamra her opinion on this season of Real Housewives of New York.  Tamra is glad that Andy brought Bethenny back. She’s a little skeptical of Ramona as the new peacekeeper..

Poll question: Did Thomas & Landon sleep together? 76% said YES!


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