The friendships on Real Housewives of Orange County are constantly shifting, so it’s a little bit surprising that Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador are still so against rekindling with Vicki Gunvalson. Then again, she did spread rumors that Tamra’s man Eddie Judge is secretly gay and David Beador beats Shannon, so it makes sense that they would want to keep their distance.

Then again, they are all contractually obligated to the same reality TV show and they have to be in the same room at some point so it’s an unrealistic notion and here we are: watching this mudslinging, shade throwing, and secret revealing drama.

Vicki had a lot to say about the second episode of the season in her Bravo blog. Of course she had to address her own daughter going to her frienemy’s granddaughter’s birthday party. She revealed, “I was proud of Briana [Culberson] for attending the party with the boys despite myself not being invited. I encouraged her to go and celebrate with the kids and just to keep it light hearted. Briana and I are at the point in our lives where we are DONE talking about my past relationship and the drama that terrible man caused in my life. Briana did the right thing by going to the party, which set an example by showing that she doesn’t want to have issues with Tamra or Sara, and this party was about Ava.” Briana definitely handled the situation well- like she does with everything else on this show, so it isn’t at all surprising. It’s kind of strange that she and Tamra didn’t even say “hello” though. Nevertheless, that’s a two-way street.

Thankfully Briana breezed in and out of that birthday party because the hot topic of conversation was her mother (yet again). This time it was Lydia McLaughlin who brought up Vicki which was just way out of bounds given the setting and the fact that she just met Shannon. Vicki said, “I was proud of Lydia for staying calm when it came to Shannon voicing her negative ‘opinion’ about me. First, let me set the record straight. I’m not obsessed with Shannon (or Tamra for that matter) and the problem is they think it’s ok to talk negatively about me, but no one can say anything negatively about them.” The only person that Vicki is obsessed with is Vicki and in all honesty it’s the other women who bring up Vicki whenever they can.

Vicki continued, “The reason why I told Lydia about the issues between Tamra and Shannon was because she asked me what happened, and I had to tell her. She was coming from a place of trying to resolve our issues, and in order to do that, she needed to know what the issues were.” This makes sense since Lydia obviously dropped all of the cast members as friends when she quit the show and she admitted that she never watched it so she need the facts if she was going to shit stir return this season.

Vicki took it upon herself to lay down the law. I have no idea who’s actually going to comply with this but after Vicki declared, “Here are some things I think you should know,” she asserted, “I don’t want to continue bringing up my past relationship anymore.” That is never going to happen. Brooks Ayers faking cancer documents was arguably the biggest scandal in Real Housewives history and it’s going to take a lot for Vicki to break away from the stigma.

Vicki refused to refer to Brooks by name: “It’s been over for two years since we broke up and the other girls will ever know what I went through by being with ‘him.’ I have a lot of questions myself, but unfortunately, I will never know why he did what he did what he did to ME. It’s done, and it’s in the past and it makes me sick to my stomach to continue to rehash it. Looking back, I can see more clearly all the red flags that I didn’t see because I was too close to it. Lesson learned.” Yeah that’s the beauty of watching your life back on reality TV- then again it’s really double edged sword because so many people hold Vicki accountable for this whole mess.

Vicki addressed the allegations she made about David and Eddie. She said, “Regarding David and Eddie, I had no intentions of having this information revealed or I would have said it publicly or when cameras were up.” Or maybe you just shouldn’t have said those things AT  ALL….

Still, Vicki defended herself : What I did say to Kelly [Dodd] PRIVATELY over a year ago (when neither one of them were speaking to me) is, ‘there are rumors out there about Eddie and why doesn’t Tamra ever address them… and why is it okay for her to talk badly about me but she doesn’t want anyone talking about her marriage or her relationship with her daughter?’ That’s some questionable reasoning there….

Vicki insists, “My conversation with Kelly was at a time when I was continually being attacked by Tamra and Shannon, and their constant mission to tell LIES about me to get attention for themselves.” How mature of her… She alleged, “Kelly had already heard the ‘rumors’ about Eddie so it wasn’t something that was new to her.” Surprisingly enough, Vicki said, “Hindsight, I shouldn’t have said anything to Kelly and for that I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt Eddie or Tamra.” What was she expecting to happen after she said all those things?

Vicki wrote, “I should have not talked to Kelly about their marriage and let her see for herself the issues there. I apologized to Shannon last year, and the reason why it keeps being brought up is because SHE won’t let go of it. I expected her to let it die down, so the attention was off of that subject but unfortunately, Shannon cannot move past it and therefore it’s not going away.” Shannon is the queen of holding grudges, but I feel like most people wouldn’t be able to simply “let go” when it comes to stories about domestic violence.

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