Tinsley Mortimer Says Ramona Singer Has A Sense Of Entitlement; Glad She Gave Her Room Up To Bethenny Frankel

Tinsley Mortimer Says Ramona Singer Has A Sense Of Entitlement; Glad She Gave Her Room Up To Bethenny Frankel

Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan racing through rental properties like hellhounds in heat is not a new sight for loyal viewers of The Real Housewives Of New York. For Tinsley Mortimer, however, it was a brand new obnoxious experience! And she’s still a bit shell shocked from it. In her blog, Tinsley calls out Ramona’s enormous sense of entitlement, and her egging-on Sonja to be angry at Tinsley for not handing her room over to them instead of trip organizer, Bethenny Frankel.

First, Tinsley gushes about her new man, Scott, who Carole Radziwill set her up with – and who she’s still seeing! “Having just come off a super fun and spontaneous five-day-long date with Scott, I was feeling super rested and happy and excited for a fun girls’ trip to Mexico. We were having so much fun that first night that Scott decided we should continue the date in Miami where we spent another four amazing days together. Thanks to Carole, this is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t believe how lucky I feel to have met Scott!”

When Tinsley arrived in Mexico, she only had minutes to take in the gorgeous property before all hell broke loose. She also explains that Bethenny’s room number idea was devised even before the group touched down, “So it was a surprise to all of us that Ramona and Sonja were going behind all of our backs to snag the best room in spite of the rules. Once again, the two troublemakers feel so entitled that they scurry around the house looking for the biggest and best room.”

Raise your hand if any of this was a surprise to you? <crickets>

Tinsley continues describing the madness: “After I drew the number one slot, I felt it was only fair to switch numbers with Bethenny since this trip was her idea. Every room in this house is fabulous, and no one is getting short-changed. And let’s be honest… it was Ramona who wanted the best room for herself and was using Sonja to support her sense of entitlement. She didn’t think it was unfair that I had not given the room to Sonja. She only thinks of what she wants for herself, so she tried to goad Sonja into being angry at me. Ramona barely made it to the trip herself, so she should have just acquiesced immediately and accepted the room she drew… but then again, we all know Ramona.”

Yes, we all do know Ramona. But the Ramona we’re seeing this year is like a superhero/villain version of Ramona 1.0 – she’s off the chain, for realz! Whether it’s the aftermath of her divorce settling in, her sixtieth birthday hitting hard, or some bad juju in those unfortunately-timed chemical peels, one thing is certain: Ramona is next level crazy this season. (And Sonja isn’t far behind.)

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Moving on to the Page Six nonsense, Tinsley calls out Sonja for tipping the press off about her “bad manners.”

She closes her blog with theories about how the story broke: “Clearly, Sonja was the source of this garbage, whether she told Page Six herself or had someone else do it. At the time, I thought Ramona had done this for Sonja since I heard these exact words out of Ramona’s mouth recently. Knowing how much these two enjoy their sneaky shenanigans, I am completely convinced the source was these two. Sonja knows how sensitive I am about bad press, having received my fair share the past year, so this egregious act of betrayal really upsets me. Let’s hope this situation gets better.”

Let’s also hope that wasted Luann D’Agostino [de Lesseps] and slurry gangsta boss Dorinda Medley come out to play again this week! Because those two are spinning RHONY into TV gold lately.


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