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It seems like the Real Housewives of New York cast members are either talking about Tom D’Agostino or looking for an excuse to bring him up. As a result, we have another season and a season’s worth of interviews with Luann de Lesseps defending her man to no avail.

It’s so odd watching these episodes with Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and the rest of the cast questioning whether or not Luann and Tom will actually get married because they were filmed months ago and we all know that they did make it down the aisle. So it feels kind of pointless and I’m just hoping that this season doesn’t turn into a Season 8 Part 2. I really don’t want it to be all about Tom. That is really so last year. I feel like a brat phrasing it that way, but it’s true. In the mean time, Luann gave us some more Tom talk.


That last season established Luann (and her relationship) as the main thing to watch. Still, it wasn’t exactly an easy time for her. Am I surprised that she came back for more torture in Season 9? No, not at all. Luann’s relationship is the primary attraction. It would be shocking if she didn’t return. In an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast, Luann talked about her “decision” to return as if there was any possibility that she wasn’t going to do so.

Luann told the podcast hosts, “I said to to Tom, ‘If I go back, those girls are probably still going to talk about us because it seems to be their favorite subject.’ And I thought ‘Am I going to go back for an another season? Why not because I’m getting married!?’ I wanted people to see that Tom and I are going to make it all the way and we did.” And we will never forget it. There are plenty of reminders. Plus she said, “Tom was very supportive of what I decided to do,” so of course she was going to return. It was a given.

Last year everyone talked about Tom, but I feel like we barely saw him. This year Luann’s man will get more screen time. She revealed, “You’re going to see him a bit. He films with me. He is going to walk down the aisle with me, so you know we hang out in New York and have a great life together. We travel a lot. He’s a very busy business man and I’m busy doing my thing so you’re going to see him a bit on the show this season.” That’s a rather vague explanation for how they spend their time, but I’m definitely interested in these scenes with Tom. There has been so much hype, but so few Tom appearances.

Since this wedding already happened, it’s already out in the open that Dorinda Medley was a bridesmaid and the only current cast member actually invited. It seemed like Sonja would be included since she was at the bridal shower with the stripper – I figured they would save that for a bachelorette party, but apparently not – but obviously Sonja did not make the guest list.

Luann shared,”It’s started out that I wanted Sonja to come. Then she started talking about Tom in negative ways and Ramona too. So I was like you know what, I don’t want any drama. This is my wedding. It’s my big day and I just wanted to have people who love and support us together as a couple. So I decided just to have Dorinda who introduced Tom and I. She was one of my bridesmaids and it worked out great.”

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I have no idea why anyone would expect to be invited after constantly shitting on Luann and Tom‘s relationship, but apparently Ramona was offended somehow. Luann said, “I think people got it. I don’t think they were surprised, let’s put it that way. Ramona said she was ‘hurt.’ She was ‘so hurt’ and then she says people were taking bets on whether or not we were going to get married.”

Yeah, there’s nothing about Ramona’s behavior that would make her an ideal guest at Luann and Tom’s wedding. Plus Luann said, “I think you know, she wants to see me fall on my face kind of.” That doesn’t sound like an ideal friend to me…. at all.

Thankfully, there seems to be some light at the end of this Tom-focused tunnel. Sure, I mixed up a couple metaphors there, but hopefully you get what I’m saying. The Tom thing was interesting at first, but if people are going to continue shit talking him, at least let him mess up again. Luann obviously didn’t care about anything that happened last season, so there’s no use bringing it up. If Tom screws up in new ways, then I’m down for a Tom-centered story line. Other than that I need a break from the Tom bashing.

Luann revealed, “I think [Ramona] gets used to the idea as the season goes on because she does like Tom and she does like me somewhere in there. So you’ll see her get past it. Eventually, they’re all happy for me, but it takes a minute.” Good. A minute is all that I can take of another season that’s all about Tom.

Still, Luann emphasized, “We actually make it down the aisle. I didn’t want to have anyone trip me walking down the aisle, so that’s why I kept it to a very minimal Housewife attendance.”

Apparently things changed though since Luann also said, “I think you’re going to see the women’s attitudes toward me change as well. Refreshingly to say because I can walk into a room now with Tom and not feel like they’re going to be attacking.” Finally. And I say this because I am just so done with the topic, not because I’m a member of Team Tom.


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