Luann de Lesseps’ Fiance Says Ramona Singer Is The One Who’s Desperate For Attention; Luann Slams Her On Twitter

Real Housewives are at real war over the wandering eyes of Tom D’Agostino Jr. First, Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan had him, but then Luann de Lesseps nabbed him as her fiancé.

Ramona called her Real Housewives Of New York co-star desperate for attention from men, but Tom says it is Ramona who is the desperate one – desperate to make it look like she had a relationship with him, that is! 


Ramona likes to stir the pot,” Tom complained. “She is an unreliable source and will do anything for attention.”

Luann, said Tom, heard about his Housewives exploits, “from me first.”

“I took Ramona to dinner a couple of times, but we never ‘dated,’” Tom clarified. “With Sonja, we have been friends for several years and we did spend a night together before I met Luann.” A night? Or several over the course of, oh, a decade?

Other than Housewives, Tom insisted he has no other skeletons in his closet. “I had a few long relationships with people I genuinely loved and cared about,” he told Radar. “Then became single and was dating until I met the love of my life.”

Tom dismissed Sonja describing Luann’s engagement ring as “murky” as a case of too much Ramona Pinot sour grapes because she “wanted things to be more than they were” with him. 

Luann, too, is over her co-stars harping on Tom’s past and is disgusted by Bethenny Frankel claiming she has secret texts to prove Tom cheated, and Ramona’s constant questioning. DO NOT try to burst The Countess’s bubble! 

“None of these girls can ruin my happiness…not even Bethany! Apparently misery really does love company! #RHONY #jealousy #truelovewins,” Luann seethed. Bethenny pointed out that Luann spelled her name wrong – again – but I imagine that HAD to be intentional since Luann is so, well, good at pushing Bethenny’s buttons!

About those texts, Luann is livid.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.16.42 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.10.47 PM

“Isn’t it sweet how happy and grateful everyone is on this yacht…not! #RHONY #jealousy,” Luann snarked. Well, yes, Ramona was a shade ungrateful! 

Luann wants the ladies – Tom’s past extras included – to stop letting their jealousy shine brighter than her canary diamond. “The past is the past ladies! When will you stop harping on it and move on? I for one, am living for today! #RHONY #truelovewins,” Luann smarted. “#sosad #getahobby,” she added

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.16.52 PM

Luann tweeted a thank you for the viewer love and support, but warned it’s far from over. “Getting some rest to keep hiking up this #highroad ahead of me 😉 #hatersgonnahate #RHONY.”

I don’t think the ladies are jealous of Luann‘s relationship to Tom. Maybe they are miffed that she’s getting some of the perks – like, we know a wedding spinoff is probably coming, which guarantees Lu spot on RHONY next season, and of course she and Tom seem to be living a fabulous life of luxury and travel.

The bottom line: Luann seems genuinely happy; Tom as well. They probably satisfy each other’s lifestyle wants and needs – who wants to be out on the prowl past 50? She’s a fun lady of his age, with her own money, who won’t expect him to get tied down with kids. She understands how to behave in the right circles, is attractive, and seems willing to turn a blind eye under the right circumstances. Even if the other women don’t approve, it’s not their relationship to be in (criticize, or tear down!). 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]