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Ramona Singer recently sat down for a Facebook Live chat about her issues with Bethenny Frankel, how Luann de Lesseps is doing post-split, and how Bobby Zarin’s recent health scare brought her back together with Jill Zarin.

Since Real Housewives Of New York wrapped its dramatic season where Ramona spent plenty of time looking the fool (and not just because of whatever plastic surgery she did on her face), she’s admitted her behavior was “childish” and she has been making amends. “My intent is never bad, but my delivery always SUCKS,” she defends. “I really have bad skills when it comes to communicating.” Good to know the Pinot-pology tour strikes again!

Ramona has been in contact with Luann for starters. “I haven’t spoken to her, but we’ve texted and I’ve told her how I’m really very sad for her … and, um, that I hope she’ll be OK.” Ramona smirked here and it was very odd. “I know she put her heart and soul into this and she really wanted it to work. And when she was with him and she married him, she was really happy – I never saw her happier.”

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Ramona shared, Luann’s divorce “brings back memories of my own marriage breaking down” and it’s “really hard” to talk about. “Not that everything’s about me though,” she adds. OH! Well, good to know!

Speaking of, Ramona and Mario are in a good place now. We’re “very civil” Ramona reports. “We talk, we share a daughter – it’s all good.” Ramona is presently focusing on being a “professional dater” – and taking plenty advice from Avery.

“I’m looking at dating as an adventure. I really haven’t quite found that particular person yet,” she explains. Avery advised Ramona that it’s “good experience to date, to learn to become a better conversationalist and flirt a little.”  Ramona definitely needs all the help she can get in the communications department.

Moving on to the drama with Bethenny, Ramona faults those lack of communication skills as being to blame for their breakdown, but(t) in the land of tequila and topless torsos they worked it out – kinda. “We got through it in Mexico – she naked-ed out,” Ramona laughs. “Who talks to someone intensely butt-ass naked?! Maybe I should’ve taken off my bathing suit too – it would’ve been a real meeting of the bodies! A meeting of the minds and a meeting of the bodies. I mean, we did come to a better place.”

“There’s a lot of similarities between Bethenny and I: we’re both hard-asses, we’re both very opinionated, we’re both very strong women, and she’s tough,” Ramona continues. “And I realize with Bethenny she’s a kind of a woman who doesn’t trust easily based upon her background and in her mind I betrayed her trust, and that wasn’t my intention.”

On Sonja’s chaos with Tinsely Mortimer, Ramona is neutral and thinks the whole roomie situation was just a bad idea to begin with! “I’m not gonna negate what Sonja felt, but I just think it’s really difficult for two grown women who are single to live together! I mean how can you not have problems?!” Ramona hasn’t seen Tinsely’s new place but she did run into her at Jill’s event in the Hamptons and reports that she looks “beautiful and happy.”

On her relationship with Jill – they’ve “re-bonded.” Bobby’s recent health scare made Ramona forget past tensions. While he was in the hospital, Ramona reached out to Jill. “We spent like six hours together just talking about everything under the sun and we just like bonded, like friendship bonded, it was wonderful. She was very appreciative and very happy.”

Ramona also explains how she destroyed Dorinda Medley‘s walls at Bluestone mansion. “It was very unfortunate accident,” she insists. “I didn’t do anything purposeful.”

Ramona again blames production for installing an enormous light rig in her room. “I had just finished having a horrific encounter – fight – with Bethenny. I was very shaken up by it. Sonja wasn’t anywhere to be found. I went to our room and I couldn’t find – there was no light switch.” So instead of just going to another room, Ramona admits, “I didn’t have my thinking cap on.” She tried to take down the lights herself so she could sleep. Ramona ended up yanking too hard and ripping some of the paint off the walls. “This was a home that her late husband gave to her as a present, so she was just very upset and I understand why.” So did Bravo repair it for her?!

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Ramona has also made amends with John. “John and I are fine – we’re good!”

Shockingly, the reunion also went much better than Ramona expected. “I was definitely in the hotseat for my behavior – which was was quite childish and embarrassing,” Ramona tells Page Six. “We’re all in the hot seat at different times. This was a reunion that I thought was good because there were highs and lows, crying moments, screaming moments, and laughing moments, but nothing got too dark or too out of control. It definitely reflected the season.”


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